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Happy associates, happy customers, and a happy bottom line. That’s every organization's dream. And with an at-home associate contact center model, you can transform that dream into a reality.

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Success Begins at Home

To compete today, you’ve got to be flexible. This holds true even in the contact center world. Large physical structures, while still prevalent, are ceding ground to more flexible home-based associate models. In fact, research proves that the work-at-home workforce is growing four times faster than facilities-based associates.

In this eBook, learn how making the move to an at-home associate model can benefit your company. Discover:

  • Research about who uses home-based associates and why, and the projected growth of the market
  • The workforce management and productivity pay-offs of adding at-home associates
  • How a flexible model impacts satisfaction and other customer experience areas

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Make the Move Home

To compete in business today, you’ve got to be flexible. This holds true even in the contact center world. Large physical centers, while still prevalent, are ceding ground to more flexible models, like home-based associates. Learn how to make the most of an at-home model with this six point checklist:

  • Get focused
  • Find the right partner
  • Recruit the right associates
  • Start small
  • Eliminate customer friction
  • Stay safe and secure

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No Place Like Home: The real deal about the remote contact center workforce

Flexible technology and support services are creating opportunities in the use of a home-based contact center model. Go inside the inner workings of the at-home model in this on-demand webinar. Ovum analyst Peter Ryan shares research on the sector’s growth, and joins TeleTech’s Chris Condon and Liz Glagowski to discuss trends and the business case for expanding into the virtual world. Learn:

  • Key trends in home-based agent outsourcing
  • The positive outcomes of the at-home model on operations, customer experience, and budget
  • How to overcome concerns about security and productivity
  • The talent equation

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Break Down the Contact Center Wall

Today’s banking customers are more demanding than ever before. They expect their banks to know them, solve their problems, and be proactive as a trusted advisor. At the same time, banks constantly grapple with the need to run efficient operations and keep costs down. One way that banks can align to meet customer needs while maintaining operational efficiency is by implementing a home associate staffing solution. In this white paper, discover the benefits of using at-home associates in consumer banking, including:

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Expand the talent pool
  • Enable business continuity
  • Boost internal and external morale

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The Talent Benefits of At-Home

It’s not uncommon for business leaders to have concerns about switching to a virtual workforce model. But, the reality is, deploying an at-home contact center model can provide the same level of service as a conventional contact center – with higher flexibility and at a comparatively lower cost to serve. In this video, Colleen Ritchie, senior vice president of operations at TeleTech, discusses the benefits of at-home, and explains the positive impact that it can have on the overall customer experience.

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Elevating the Customer Experience with a Nimble and Expert Support Staff

Learn how our at-home contact center model helped this client ramp up support in just a few short weeks. Results included:

  • More than 85% of consumers rank themselves as promoters after an interaction
  • Within three months we were entrusted with covering 100% of the client’s call volume
  • We reduced call handle time from 506 seconds to 425 seconds

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