3 ways emerging companies can elevate CX with AI

Make customers (and employees) happier with strategic automation

AI has the potential to improve virtually every aspect of the customer journey, but for many growing companies it seems daunting to embrace it.

Too many brands make the mistake of keeping AI and human associates in two separate silos. To drive results, AI and associates need to work hand in hand – in a constant back-and-forth where one keeps making the other better and stronger.

AI doesn’t have to be scary. When it’s thoughtfully and strategically integrated into customer experience (CX) operations, it will deliver benefits to your customers, employees, and bottom line.

More empowered, efficient associates

AI shouldn’t replace associates; it should act as their assistant and enable them to do their jobs better. Boost overall efficiency and improve the associate experience by having AI handle simple, repetitive, and frustrating tasks whenever possible.

Use AI to collect information from customers before they’re connected with associates. This lets associates begin interactions with some context, so they can help more quickly from the outset. AI can even identify which customers have revenue-generating upsell potential and which don’t.

Integrate AI into onboarding and training, too. AI-powered training, which should include customer interaction simulations, better prepares associates to do their jobs, which leads to greater job satisfaction and less attrition.

Flexible volume support when you need it

Staffing contact centers during low-volume periods, like overnights, can be a big drain on resources. Many opt to have just a few associates working during these times, which isn’t cost effective. Instead, let AI solutions “staff” your contact center when volume is low.

Use AI to deliver self-service options to customers during these periods. Then make sure there’s a seamless handoff between AI solutions and human associates when needed. That way, if self-service tools overnight can’t resolve an issue, for instance, an associate can follow up first thing in the morning.

This approach also is a great way to handle seasonal dips in contact center volume as needed. AI is agile and can change as your needs do.

Improved quality monitoring

One of AI’s main benefits is speed, which is especially useful when it comes to quality monitoring. The more interactions you can listen in on, the more insights you can glean about what’s frustrating or delighting customers (and associates) and where roadblocks are occurring.

AI can audit every customer interaction – not just a sampling – which gives a much broader picture of what’s happening. Brands can really get to the bottom of why customers are contacting customer support and what’s helping or hurting customer satisfaction.

Use those insights and customer intents to inform your CX strategy and refine associate performance. Ensure associates hit the right talking points and strike the right tone, for instance, so you can improve the quality of interactions.

Get the most from your AI with TTEC

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