TeleTech Unveils New Customer Experience Innovation Lab at Las Vegas Center

DENVER, Sept. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- TeleTech Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: TeleTech), a leading global provider of customer experience, engagement, and growth solutions delivered through its proprietary, end-to-end HumanifyTM Customer Engagement as a Service offering, today announced the opening of the company's first Customer Experience(CX) Innovation Lab in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The CX Innovation Lab showcases the company's HumanifyTM Customer Engagement as a Service offering and provides the company an opportunity to test, explore and productize new technologies. It is designed as a place to test and demonstrate innovations in the customer experience including omnichannel, AI, automation, analytics, service to sales, training and other service models. The CX Innovation Lab setup is innovative in how it leverages the cloud to provision and deliver demonstrations in real-time.

"Changes in customer experience are happening so rapidly that companies are struggling to keep up. Our CX Innovation Lab is a hands-on environment for clients to test, iterate and improve through understanding and interacting with technology," said Kyle Priest, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, TeleTech. "We plan to open additional centers in the US and abroad over the next year, with the goal of supporting our clients by taking the risk out of testing new CX approaches."

The CX Innovation Lab provides a way for TeleTech clients to visualize the complex customer experience to understand opportunities to infuse new tools, processes, strategies and insights for improvement. The lab extends beyond standard communication channels and allows clients to get ahead of new interactions and channels used throughout the customer lifecycle. Creation of this lab is just one of the ways that TeleTech partners with clients to make the customer experience easier, more personal and completely seamless – all at the lowest total overall cost.  

To learn more about how TeleTech is driving innovation in the customer experience, visit www.teletech.com  

ABOUT TeleTech
TeleTech (NASDAQ: TeleTech) is a leading global provider of customer experience, engagement and growth solutions delivered through its proprietary end-to-end HumanifyTM Customer Engagement as a Service offering. Founded in 1982, the Company helps its clients acquire, retain and grow profitable customer relationships. Using customer-centric strategy, technology, processes and operations, TeleTech partners with business leadership across marketing, sales and customer care to design and deliver a simple, more human customer experience across every interaction channel. TeleTech's 48,000 employees live by a set of customer-focused values that guide relationships with clients, their customers, and each other. To learn more about how TeleTech is bringing humanity to the customer experience, visit teletech.com.

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