It's Time: Business Wakes Up to Omnichannel

DENVER, July 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- TeleTech Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: TeleTech) – "Omnichannel" is here to stay. Customers are comfortable using a variety of digital and physical touchpoints to research products and services, reach out for support, and interact with the companies they choose to do business with. Although companies are investing billions of dollars in omnichannel efforts, customer satisfaction with customer service has slipped to its lowest levels since 2011, according to Dimension Data's 2015 Customer Benchmark Study.

Each quarter, TeleTech publishes its latest thinking in its executive journal, Customer Strategist. It features new ideas, best practices, and real-world examples of customer experience excellence in action.

"In this issue of the Customer Strategist, we explore the latest trends in omnichannel integration and why it is still so hard to deliver on the promise of friction-free customer experience. The technology is there, but so many companies are still struggling with managing data, designing processes, and aligning people," said Keith Gallacher, EVP of Global Markets and Industries, TeleTech.

Omnichannel – A Quasi State of Readiness: Few companies have mastered a seamless, integrated customer experience.

The Plight and Promise of the Omnichannel Journey: These five key approaches will put technology to work, moving omnichannel efforts in the right direction.

What's Next in Omnichannel Retail?: Retailers are experimenting with digital dressing rooms, endless aisles, and more as they move closer to unlocking the full potential of seamless shopping.

Giving Omnichannel Strategy a Data Twist: Mapping what customers value to what a company delivers uncovers the best interaction opportunities.

Are You Perpetuating the "Omnichannel" Myth?: The term is widely popular, but subject to many different, and often conflicting, interpretations.

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Available online, in print or via mobile device, Customer Strategist is published quarterly and provides executives with insights that lead to innovative strategies for building more profitable customer relationships. It facilitates learning and action by presenting the most progressive thought leadership and providing access to the proprietary methodologies of Peppers & Rogers Group and TeleTech.  

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