Culture Colors Everything: The Secret Sauce to Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

DENVER, April 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- TeleTech Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: TeleTech) – Building the type of culture that attracts both customers and employees to a company is easier said than done. Employee engagement levels have lagged in recent years impacting corporate culture and the customer experience. According to a December 2015 study by 1to1 Media, 55 percent of respondents described themselves as either "somewhat" or "not at all" motivated at work.

Each quarter, TeleTech publishes its latest thinking in its executive journal, Customer Strategist. It features new ideas, best practices, and real-world examples of customer experience excellence in action.

"A great company culture breeds happy people and engaged employees. Engaged employees equal an organization's customer advocates. Customer advocates lead to loyalty and growth, but getting there isn't always that simple," said Keith Gallacher, EVP of Global Markets and Industries, TeleTech. "It's possible for any organization to influence a more customer-centric culture. This issue of the Customer Strategist highlights the operational and strategic factors to make it happen."

Shaping a Customer-Centric Culture: The secret sauce to delivering great customer experiences is having employees who are passionate about their jobs and helping customers be successful.

The Hidden Obstacle to Great Corporate Culture – Unconscious Bias: Build awareness in the deep recesses of your brain to boost business decision-making.

Banana Republic Prepares for the Future Culture of Retail: The retailer arms its global leaders with the skills they need to overcome industry challenges and achieve peak performance.

Tap Into a Surprising ROI Driver – Culture Change: Leaders don't need to change their business model to grow. They can change their culture.

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Available online, in print or via mobile device, Customer Strategist is published quarterly and provides executives with insights that lead to innovative strategies for building more profitable customer relationships. It facilitates learning and action by presenting the most progressive thought leadership and providing access to the proprietary methodologies of Peppers & Rogers Group and TeleTech.  

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