5 Key Strategies for Retailers this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is a time where brands must be savvy, flex their values, and know how to approach customers where they expect to be met. On the heels of a pandemic, companies are looking to transform how to deliver these experiences. TTEC’s Retail Special Report explores 5 customer experience (CX) strategies needed for retailers to succeed with customers and improve the bottom line this upcoming holiday season.


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Deliver on CX Expectations

During the holiday season customers expect speed, real-time updates, and seamless customer service. Knowing this is the ideal experience is one thing. Being able to deliver it is another.

Read this strategy guide to learn:

  • How to face high volumes of customers with empathy and efficiency
  • Why winning the last mile starts at the beginning of the customer journey
  • What CX solutions best fit the people and technology retailers deploy
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Ready to start a new CX resolution?

The benefits of effortless experiences are critical during the holiday season

  • Lower cost to serve
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Streamlined tasks
  • Seamless conversations across channels