Technology Partnership

TTEC is proud to partner with Microsoft to create innovative, value-driven solutions for our customers.


Technology Partnership

TTEC is proud to partner
with Microsoft to create
innovative, value-driven
solutions for our customers.


Transforming Customer Experiences with Microsoft Technologies

We believe that technology plays a critical role in delivering exceptional Customer Experience. Without effective solutions supporting an overarching CX strategy, meeting the expectations of the modern customer is all but impossible. Microsoft’s diverse technology offerings allows us to build and deliver customised solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs. From business applications to customer relationship management solutions, Microsoft offers the powerful solutions we rely on to help clients orchestrate exceptional experiences. Rather than simply implementing Microsoft solutions, we help our clients understand the important role each technology solution plays in CX Orchestration to ensure the optimal delivery of experiences for their customers.


The value of our collaboration

Combining the CX expertise and technological knowledge of Avtex, a TTEC Digital Company, with Microsoft's powerful solutions catalog creates a deeper level of value for clients and their customers.

A storied partnership

We are proud to have been named to Microsoft’s Inner Circle for multiple technologies and as a finalist for U.S. Partner of the Year.

Microsoft solutions have the power to change many aspects of your business. With guidance from us, you can leverage these solutions to transform your organisation into a true CX and Employee Experience leader. We have the experience and knowledge needed to help you optimise, integrate and manage these platforms, thereby extending their value and impact on your organisation. As a certified and preferred partner, we are able to offer support on a number of Microsoft solutions, including Customer Insights, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Platform, and Azure.


chipotle logo for case study

Case Study: Strengthening customer relationships and driving loyalty

Through expert consultation and implementation
of Microsoft Customer Insights

Delivering a brand experience that consistently drives customer loyalty and sales is a logistical challenge faced by even the most successful organisations. Chipotle, a trailblazer in the food industry and pioneer in fast-casual restaurant experience, is no exception. Chipotle seeks to deliver brand loyalty through developing and nurturing strong relationships with their customers. Chipotle turned to Avtex to build a solution that would capture and analyse more comprehensive customer information and insights, to empower a more meaningful and personalised customer experience with every individual engaging with their brand.