Improve utilization and optimize interactions by rapidly deploying AI-enabled conversational messaging channels. Deliver hyperpersonalized communications with built-in scalability.

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Navigate the new normal and optimize channels

Contact centers are the hub of connectivity between brands and their customers. Especially during times of uncertainty, today’s customers demand hyperpersonalized, one-on-one communication, via their preferred platform. Delivering this kind of customer-centric CX requires a solution with built-in scalability. Broaden your range and meet your customers where they are via SMS, web chat, social media conversations, and even mobile apps. Our message and chat based service enables customers to get support anytime, anywhere, on any device.


MessageNOW delivers results today and positions you well for continuing to meet customers where they are

Messaging associates are
4x more efficient
Shift voice IVR
volume to Messaging
Lower labor cost
per interaction

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Improve capacity and reduce call volumes

Voice for responding to customers is an important channel, but it's not enough in today’s environment.  By diverting voice to messaging  you can remove friction and optimize interactions and deflect contact center volume to a channel that fits your CX goals and business outcomes. MessageNOW also helps lower labor cost per interaction by expanding the number of customer conversations an associate can concurrently handle from 1:1 up to 1:4. And asynchronous messaging doesn’t expire or evaporate, so you’ll see all prior conversations, promises, and outcomes, allowing for improved customer experiences and training opportunities. MessagingNOW is also flexible to support diverse at-home work environments, enabling associates with technological or environmental constraints. Messaging also requires minimal IT resource support and can be configured and implemented in less than 5 days.


Enable intelligent automation
and scale efficiencies

Having the right problem addressed by the right person at the right time means you can deliver CX that will wow your customers. Following the deployment of MessageNOW you can easily add deflection and intelligent automation. Bots and AI sit on the frontlines, fielding basic questions based on behind-the-scenes rules and conditioned learning. And associates take the lead on requests that require a more human approach to finding the best possible outcome. Together, AI and associates seamlessly build, manage, and optimize conversational interactions anytime and anywhere, at scale. MessageNOW also provides the ability to automatically move calls to the most effective channel using IVR deflection and includes proactive messaging so you can reach out to customers with updates. Intelligent automation and IVR deflection can go live in as little as 5 days, so you can reach your customers on their preferred channels where they already are.


Fully managed CX and operational optimization

Enable future contact analysis with data from end-to-end call deflection reports. Predefined dashboards can be used out of the box, or manipulated to create customized reports which contain unique key performance indicators. Keep a real-time pulse on customer-associate interactions via manager workspace, a centralized location for the data and agent information designed specifically for messaging interactions.


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