COVID-19 Vaccine Support

Eliminate friction for your employees around COVID-19 vaccine education, scheduling, verification and testing


COVID-19 Vaccine Support

Eliminate friction for your employees around COVID-19 vaccine education, scheduling, verification and testing



Educate – Test – Vaccinate – Attest

Successfully navigating vaccine mandate compliance hinges on efficient coordination, effortless employee experiences, and proactive support. TTEC's vision and solution provides a guided path to engage employees and maintain compliance.


Our Solutions

Create a positive, empathetic, and frictionless path to vaccine mandate compliance with the help of TTEC’s seasoned experts, proven processes, and award-winning technology


Deliver accurate vaccine information and communicate with empathy via readily available remote associates at scale.

  • Leverage foundational contact center services
  • Proven contact center technologies provided via turn-key platform
  • With our curriculum design services, develop and deliver online training along with remote management modules

Meet workers where they are in the vaccination process.

  • Provide employees automated tools to validate their current test status and allow work site access via QR-code generation
  • Capture results digitally via secure and reportable status database
  • Support "return to work" initiative while satisfying vaccine mandate requirements

Provide a seamless digital experience as employees declare their vaccination status or upload proof of vaccination.

  • Pre-configured automation simplifies and accelerates the verification process and follow-up outreach
  • Digital self-service is ready for quick activation and access from mobile devices
  • Utilize FAQ AI to automate responses that are deflected from primary web and phone Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Combine VaccinateNOW with AttestNow to leverage skilled associates and advanced technology to meet the vaccine mandate successfully.

  • Improve and accelerate the vaccination experience with empathetic, highly skilled agents
  • Timely status updates and accurate reporting with automated reminders and follow up tasks for employees currently testing or mid-vaccination process
  • Maximize positive, frictionless employee experiences at scale with intelligent automation

Scale efficiently. Connect with empathy. Meet the mandate with confidence.

Tackling the COVID-19 vaccine mandate is a holistic effort comprised of educational resources and employee support, proactive outreach to meet employees where they are in the vaccination process, and a system of record to track employee status and compliance. TTEC can help you avoid overwhelming your existing resources with rapidly-trained associates enabled by our secure and tech-agnostic CX solutions.



An at-home operations platform powering 100k+ remote associates across the globe in completely secure work-from-home environments.



Automation helps eliminate redundancies and deflect calls to intuitive self-service to increase efficiencies and drive down labor costs.



Back Office Support lets employees interact in their channel of choice to improve and accelerate the vaccination and attestation experience.



Award-winning AI-powered learning solutions to train agents 2-3x faster and keep their job skills and knowledge up-to-date.


Proven success, even in times of crisis

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Eliminate friction for your employees around COVID-19 vaccine education, scheduling, verification and testing


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