The new look of sales:
Virtual connections,
real relationships

6 sales technologies that integrate with human
intelligence to enable the digital-first B2B buyer.

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B2B sales will never be the same. Forced digital acceleration and a move to remote work forever altered how sales gets done. What sales trends are here to stay and how can B2B sellers embrace this new approach? TTEC has compiled insights about the future of sales, highlighting trends, tools, and technologies that are the foundation of the new age of selling. Read this white paper to learn 6 leading sales technologies that support the transition to digital-first relationships, along with how to leverage human expertise and empathy to realize technology’s potential to drive sales.


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A new world of digital-first selling

A truly good sale is about relationships, not products. While that adage still holds true, how you cultivate and develop that relationship has moved to a digital-first world. What does the new sales process look like, and what tools can sellers use to gain an edge without compromising valuable customer relationships? Read this white paper to learn:

  • Research from Forrester highlighting a shift in B2B sales strategy
  • How to overcome B2B seller challenges in the digital world
  • 6 sales technologies to support digital-first sales
  • Case studies of how brands embraced digital to increase sales

We’re a sales partner that helps companies find, acquire, and engage customers at the right time with the right offers.

  • Manage B2B and B2C campaigns: Measure and drive targeted prospects, build trusted relationships and achieve sales goals with campaign strategy, optimization, and advanced analytics.
  • New customer acquisition: Use smart analytics and gainful insights to qualify leads and win net-new customers faster and cheaper.
  • Search to sales: Sync online and offline journeys to increase lead generation and ensure every conversation is timed perfectly.
  • Cross-sell & upsell: Increase the lifetime value and incremental revenue of customers by tailoring offers to complement and enhance their satisfaction.
  • Onboarding & Welcome: Deliver targeted communications during the onboarding process when a new contact enters your marketing database, whether through online or offline sales conversion.
  • Loyalty optimization and churn reduction: Leverage a proactive, data-driven process to help build loyalty and expand your share of wallet.
  • Innovation and incubation: Test new sales and marketing strategies, enter a greenfield market, or introduce a new product or service.
  • Advanced sales analytics: Unlock key metrics to reduce customer churn, calculate customer lifetime value, and accelerate the sales pipeline.

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The new look of sales: Virtual connections, real relationships