Innovation Days

Innovation Days are value-add knowledge sessions where we provide Conference-Level access to state- of-the-market innovations relevant to each client and its industry. Our industry leaders, along with external analysts and innovators, will conduct a session periodically. Together with account leadership, a specific set of topics are determined that are most relevant to the strategies and future vision of the client



Enterprise breakthrough strategies for customer lifecycle optimization

State of CX and emerging capabilities delivering innovative topline and bottom line growth

The myths and significant opportunities of AI & Bots via effective data, knowledge management and learning strategies

Platform prioritizations for shift to Omni and securing data across partnerships in a data-driven experience world

Automation and machine learning across the service spectrum

Reducing associate churn via cognitive learning, supervisor insights and gamification that sticks


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Nick Cerise

Chief Marketing Officer


Chandra Venkataramani

Chief Information Officer


Steve Pollema

Executive Vice President, TTEC Digital


Barbara Wingle

Executive Director, Strategic Marketing and Advanced Analytics


Ramesh Rajagopalan

Executive Director, Consulting


Paul Ignasinski

Senior Vice President, TTEC Digital


Ryan Swanger

Group VP, TTEC digital


Jeff Marcoux

Vice President, Product Marketing

Kaushal Mehta

Vice President & General Manager, India


Lamont Exeter

Partner, Learning and Development


Katherine Kress

Partner, Digital Strategy