Retain 2.0 for Technology Companies

A safe and secure approach to keeping high-tech talent engaged in the work-from-home environment.

Retain 2.0 for
Technology Companies

A safe and secure approach
to keeping
talent engaged in the

work-from-home environment


Technology companies need to provide cost-effective, flexible work environments. We can help.

Employee expectations and business realities are evolving. In this challenging labor market, many workers will only stay at technology companies that offer flexible workplaces with remote or hybrid options. Brands must find ways to retain top talent while keeping labor costs in check. That's where we come in.

Retain 2.0 puts our award-winning work-from-home model to use for you. We help technology companies devise a customized strategy, guide a seamless transition for employees, and provide onboarding and ongoing technology tools to keep employees engaged. The result? Employees get the flexibility they want and you get the results you need, at a lower total cost.


retain 2.0

Partnership-driven transition that seamlessly moves your
remote employees to TTEC’s proven @home operations

Successfully transitioning employees requires a thoughtful, empathetic approach.
We partner with you every step of the way to merge best practices with our @Home
model, creating superior experiences for employees AND the customers they serve.


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Clear and consistent
communications to
eliminate employee

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Maintain a ‘what’s
in it for me’
mindset for the


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Prioritize wellness
and what impacts
satisfaction and

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Merge best practices
to best serve
the employee
and the brand


In less than 12 weeks we’ll get employees acquainted with TTEC, match them
with dedicated onboarding ambassadors, and engage them in virtual events
and trainings to ensure a smooth transition with no disruption to customers.


State-of-the art technology and proven processes to
keep high-tech employees engaged and productive

Partnering with TTEC gives technology companies companies access to seamless employee onboarding, virtual
learning and development, smart and secure workforce management, and strong culture and community.


Enhanced EX and seamless onboarding

To align with business objectives and values

Use the right blend of AI and human interactions to optimize the employee onboarding experience, keep employees informed, and track wellness and satisfaction. We also deliver 24/7 technical support to employees, along with meaningful virtual events and real-time chat access.


Virtual learning and development

To improve retention and career growth

Receive real-time, analytics-based coaching from leaders focused on developing high-tech talent and aligning client objectives. Reward employee behavior and encourage development through our gamified programs, and help guide employees along their career path with our iAspire platform.


Smart and Secure Workforce Management

For capacity planning and data reporting

Harness the power of cutting-edge workforce optimization and management tools: employee-friendly schedules, consistent audits on employee shifts, contingency management, business continuity processes, regulatory compliance requirements, and more.


Strong culture and community

To support employee wellbeing

Give employees a place to communicate, collaborate, and quickly access support through TTEC Neighborhood. Keep your finger on the pulse of employee sentiment through our rigorous survey process, continually gathering feedback to improve employee experience and diversity.


We are proud to be recognized
as a market leader in employee
engagement and remote jobs

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