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Customer Analytics

A superior customer experience starts with analytics that mine your available data to reveal a detailed picture of your clients’ wants and needs. It’s the critical foundation for providing a truly personalized customer experience.

Our methodology brings together your structured and unstructured data to drive change at the individual customer, segment and enterprise levels. Using Voice of Customer analytics, we help you understand what your customers are saying through their behaviors, interpret it and take action. You gain the insights needed to make informed, proactive decisions and prioritize initiatives to drive growth and reduce risk.

TeleTech analytics experts help you assess the value that analytics can provide to your organization based on your:

  • Culture
  • Expertise
  • Data
  • Tools and processes
  • Infrastructure
  • Leadership

TeleTech Customer Analytics solutions:

  • Reengage current clients and help you acquire new ones with relevant, targeted campaigns.
  • Determine the best methods and channels for reaching various segments.
  • Track results across various contact channels to limit attrition risk and increase retention rates.

Results-Based Solutions

Our integrated programs have resulted in:

New inflows from existing customers of $13.1M

Asset retention of $76.6M

ROI boosts of 213%

Learning and Knowledge Management

Leadership in customer experience requires a deep cultural commitment that spans from the board room to the front lines. It requires a systematic approach to training, rewarding, and continuously reinforcing customer-focused attitudes and behaviors. TeleTech can get you there. We bridge the gap between strategy and execution with broad capabilities in enterprise transformation, process design and improvement, IT optimization, and performance management.

TeleTech Learning and Knowledge Management solutions:

  • Strengthen existing retail brokerage training programs.
  • Provide the resources needed to redesign knowledge content and eLearning courses.
  • Educate and onboard employees to successfully complete daily tasks and address complex inquiries.
  • Enhance training materials to ensure relevance and consistency across your organization.

Results-Based Solutions

Our innovative tools and proven techniques have helped leading retail brokerage firms optimize business processes, build cultures of continuous improvement and transform delivery streams end to end.

60% increase in multichannel customer engagement




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