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Humanify Portal provides easy access to your contact center administrative and management tools from a single interface. It is an exclusive application to TTEC’s Humanify Enterprise product that increases the flexibility of the Cisco platform for cloud and premises deployments. This customizable, user-friendly interface allows for the administration of contact center interactions, employees and productivity at your fingertips, enabling real-time control over customer experience outcomes. You can also increase the agility of managing your contact center operations with Humanify Portal Mobile, a 100% web-based application for on-the-move access.


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Benefits at a Glance

  • Increases the flexibility of the Cisco® platform
  • Enables quick and straightforward access to tools from a single interface
  • Makes it easy to manage contact center interactions, employees, and productivity without being a UCCEcertified engineer
  • Allows real-time adjustments for proactive operational efficiency
  • Controls access right assignments for additional security
  • Provides a dynamic set of customizable links for easy access to TTEC applications, third-party applications and other internal and external tools
  • Minimizes launch and ramp-up times with web-based and access-driven interfaces

Contact center system management at your fingertips

The portal launchpad provides a platform for a dynamic set of management and custom links for quick access to TTEC developed applications, third-party applications and the internal/external tools most commonly used by supervisors and agents.

Allows supervisors without advanced IT expertise to perform user management tasks in the system

Allows changes to associate responsibilities in real-time for precision queuing

Scheduled Skilling
Allows scheduling of recurring skill group changes

Agent Teams
Enables creation and updates of associate teams quickly and easily

Offers efficient reason code administration

Interaction Manager
Drag and drop call flow manager

Audio Manager
Enables a quick way to upload and activate new audio files to change existing IVR or queue prompts

Provides quick access to outbound dialer management

Routing controls
Enables real-time routing controls and adjustments

Create, update, delete and manage associate and UC phones

Allows supervisors to view and assign access rights, collections and roles to associates for better control

Interactive dashboard that allows supervisors a quick, easy view into their contact centers

Permits easy handling of settings and bulk user creation



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