Happy customers aren't
born. They're made.

Every customer can be a happy customer if every experience makes them smile. Transform your customer relationships—and your business—with experiences powered by human expertise and CX technology.


Stronger customer relationships start with you.

Your customers have high expectations when it comes to CX. And if any part of your experience falls short, customer happiness can feel out of reach. We get it. And we’re here to help.

TTEC provides the tools, technology, people, and insights to make every customer interaction shine. Stronger customer experiences create stronger customer relationships. Learn how we can help create yours.

A First Look at Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS)

Everest Research Report

Brands compete on customer experience. But, while digital CX management solutions helped leaders get an edge, many now find their tech stacks aren’t up to the evolving market’s challenges.

Created in partnership with Everest Research Group, this report explores the emerging category of CXaaS, a managed-services approach where CX strategy, technology, integrated data, automation, employee expertise and more are managed by a single partner. Read now to learn the market forces shaping CXaaS, five ways it outperforms traditional solutions and how you can put it to work driving customer delight and loyalty.

Predictive Insights: Unlocking Customer Value by Understanding Intent

Forrester Trend Report

In a time when brands are defined by CX, it’s no longer enough to meet customers where they are. To deliver service that creates value for your business and your customers, you have to understand where they’re going. And, more importantly, why.

Intent mapping reveals the motivations behind interactions, helping brands anticipate customers’ needs and build experiences around them. In this report, Forrester Consulting examines how brands are using customer intent to guide simpler, more fulfilling service—increasing CSAT by as much as 48%.

Customer experience isn't

Make any customer a happy customer with tailored industry solutions.

Financial Services  
Build a better bank branch around customers Now that day-to-day banking can happen on a smartphone screen, this multinational bank needed to rebuild its branch experience to serve customers seeking skilled, complex financial advice. Learn how a 360-degree CX analysis helped them identify opportunities to earn customer smiles in every interaction—in-person and online. GET THE STORY
Government &
Public Sector
Unlock unemployment benefits in a time of need When a state unemployment office was inundated with claims, long hold times added to the uncertainty callers already felt. See how TTEC’s combination of cloud-based technology and experienced service associates expedited the process, getting anxious community members the answers and support they needed. GET THE STORY
Create healthy customer relationships Personal wellness journeys are...well...personal. But, as one wellness brand discovered, a legacy contact center experience is anything but. Learn how they partnered with TTEC to connect personal remote coaches with customers through their chosen channels—earning 85% NPS. GET THE STORY
Retail &
Transform impulse shoppers into brand ambassadors When an audio/video technology retailer’s first-time customers sought technical support, many found the experience didn’t meet their expectations—and they showed it in public reviews. Learn how TTEC helped empower the support team to understand those customers’ technical needs and tailor the support experience to fit. GET THE STORY