Contact Tracing

Federal, state and local agencies need to rapidly increase contact tracing operations. It takes a blend of old-school legwork and cutting-edge digital tools. How can your organization scale quickly and efficiently to meet the challenge? Our people, training, and technology solutions can help.

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Combine people and technology
to ramp up contact tracing faster

States and municipalities are at the forefront of contact tracing activities. However, most have modest operations and cannot support an aggressive increase at the speed and scale required. We can quickly deploy thousands of local and at-home agents with speed and agility. TTEC can help integrate the right people with the right technology to evaluate, trace and care for citizens.

Hiring and training skilled tracers paired with secure technology and intelligent automation allows for greater efficiencies, so that local and state governments can meet the needs of their citizens during this challenging time.


The people, training, and technology to scale your contact tracing operations quickly

46 states
Recruiting from nearly
every state provides local
job opportunities
In pipeline for a global
reach work force of
at-home associates
72 hours
We can hire and
start training
in 72 hours
IVR deflection to self-resolution
by utilizing our messaging
and automation solutions

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Contact Tracing Framework

The roadmap to recovery is paved with partners united in Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing Solutions

The right people with the right technology to evaluate, trace and care for citizens. Our trained staff at-the-ready gives agencies the ability to act fast and be flexible as the situation changes


Rapidly hire and onboard contact tracers from our broad and competitive candidate talent pool of 61k+. Implement safe and secure at-home operations in as little as 2 weeks. Keep your contact tracers’ skill up-to date through asynchronous virtual learning – a combination of gamified content, micro-learning, podcasts and practical assessments, all administered, tracked and analyzed in the gamified learning platform.



Messaging allows your teams to reach the public on any device via the platforms they prefer, such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and more. Also, deflect call volumes with IVR and messaging, which enables contact tracers to handle 4x interactions concurrently.



Enhance productivity through automation so employees can focus on caring for citizens. Through the COVID-19 Employee Safety and Business Continuity Tracker app, visualize the scope of exposure and the impact on operations. The app can also be programmed to trigger actions such as conducting further analysis, creating tailored alerts and instructions, and sending reminders of safety measures.



We bring people, process, and technology together to make effective contact tracing achievable. Citizens are assured a cohesive experience with a technology-enabled at-home workforce and operations can be scaled up or down based on current demands.


Scale quickly and create
jobs in local communities

People are the backbone of any contact tracing operation. And the need is enormous. On top of that, speed is essential to recruit, hire, and train. We have a talent pool of thousands of potential agents waiting to be deployed around the country, along with the systems and expertise to stand up projects in days, rather than weeks. Our award-winning training programs can increase speed-to-proficiency, reduce on-boarding time, and improve citizen experiences by empowering agents with the skills they need. Additionally, with our talent acquisition pipeline's ability to recruit and hire quickly from 46 states, we can place an emphasis on local hiring to help bring jobs to the community and provide cultural awareness needed to engage residents successfully.


TTEC is your partner in contact tracing at scale