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Are your citizens enduring long call wait times? Can you handle the flood of interactions related to unemployment? Are you proactively reaching out to citizens via SMS? Do you need to scale your at-home virtual contact center capabilities?

As the world responds to changing mandates and citizens are confined to their homes, it’s become necessary to swiftly add capacity to citizen experience programs as civilians reach out with questions concerning COVID-19, unemployment, the CARES Act, tax filings, and benefits.

Schedule a virtual meeting, and our government contact center operations and citizen experience experts can help you address your contact center needs. Within 48 hours of being contracted, we can provide immediate solutions, including:

  • Expanded capacity for 800 numbers, immediate Self Service options, and intelligent IVR to route top FAQs are available now for your Worker Comp, Dept of Labor, and Health & Welfare calls
  • Immediate, on-demand agents to augment your staff who are delivering at home within 48 hours
  • Proactively reaching out to citizens via conversational messaging and SMS regarding impacts to tax filings, healthcare and unemployment

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Minimize disruption and stabilize operations with our exclusive TTEC NOW solutions and services

To help government agencies thrive in the face of this surging citizen outreach, we enhanced our best-in-class Humanify@home solution to provide organizations with everything it takes to stand up virtual, cloud-based, omnichannel contact centers in a matter of days – including people, process, and technology


Deploys immediately-available, highly-scalable and extensible at-home technology, and agent solutions to support federal, state and local agencies and their citizens’ needs, ensuring continuity.



Improves utilization, capacity, and optimizes interactions by rapidly deploying AI-enabled conversational messaging channels (e.g., in-app chat, SMS, web-based chat, social) allowing agents to quadruple the number of interactions they can handle concurrently.


Increases workforce productivity by automating citizen interactions using IVA's (intelligent virtual assistants) and processes using RDA (robotic desktop automation) and RPA (robotic process automation).



TTEC's technology solution for contact center as a service ("CCaaS") which includes our Humanify cloud platform in addition to the design, implementation and ongoing managed services of the technology for both captive and outsourced agents.


Simple, scalable and secure. We've got this.

Safe, secure and compliant technology coupled with best-in-class operational processes, delivered with flexibility, scalability and the confidence to protect your customer relationships. Our software provides at-home associates a comfortable, secure, and connected interface and seamless integration between the customer and TTEC systems. Our proven at-home technology utilizes the same centralized data centers as brick-and-mortar, including PCI Certified Level 1, TLS 1.2 for network security, and multiple hardware and software security controls. AddNOW enables you to quickly add an at-home model with secure technology and business practices.


Award-winning employee experiences

Amazing citizen experiences require amazing employee experiences. For the past 5 years, we've been recognized for being among the "100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs". We place such an emphasis on culture, we’ve given ours a name: CultureCX. CultureCX is all about treating our teammates right so they’ll pass that happiness and passion onto your customers.

  • Virtual community events
  • Robust rewards and recognition program
  • Virtual team-building activities
  • Gamified career paths
  • AI-enabled associate experience
  • Health and financial resources for total wellness balance

Ramp quickly with our secure, flexible, and scalable remote contact center solutions

Our resilience principles are focused on minimized disruption and stabilized operations and our solutions are ready to switch on at a moment's notice.

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