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TTEC Delivers End-to-end digital transformation from concept to experience

Client Example:
Insurance as a Service Platform

TTEC partners with Munich RE to deliver an unparalleled and completely integrated digital ecosystem to fully support insurance carriers, brokers, employers, and retailers.

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Deliver a fully customizable insurance as a
service platform to Employers / Distributors

Dedicated to accelerating the digital transformation of the insurance industry, Munich RE aspired to deliver an enhanced, fully-customizable insurance-as-a-service platform to better meet the evolving needs of today’s contactless buyers.


Humanify™ E5 Methodology

TTEC’s five phased, proprietary, standardized customer experience, design, development, and delivery methodology.



Leverage Design Thinking to understand customer pain points and identify the big idea.


Establish art of the possible Prototype. Create the holistic solution and pricing. Develop Strategic Roadmap


Enable DevOps team for CICD Establish MVP and proof points tracking to outcomes.



Scale and operationalize solution. Deliver expected outcomes to client. Deliver bookings realization and pricing model financials.


Deliver insights and continuously innovate aligned to strategic roadmap.


End-to-end digital transformation solution designed and delivered by TTEC

TTEC designed and delivered an end-to-end digital transformation solution, Parachute, that contains the following suite of technology:


TTEC Marketing

  • Configure offers specific to distribution partners
  • Configure storefront and customer digital journey
  • Configure email treatments and campaign cadence
  • Track marketing specific data (email opens, click through, conversion, etc.)

TTEC Sales Automation

  • Identify and track leads for distribution partners
  • Track progress of overall deal
  • Load employee lists, logos, key distribution partner data
  • Close deal and kick off next steps in overall process

TTEC Insurance Product Builder

  • Configure products for Life, AD&D, and Critical Illness Insurance
  • Configure risk groups
  • Configure Pricing Tables
  • Configure Eligibility Rules

TTEC Web Mashup

  • Leverage Deal data, Product, and Marketing to present custom storefronts to customers ​​
  • Guide the customer through eligibility and pricing questions to design and price the appropriate product
  • Collect signatures and payment and issue insurance policy
  • TTEC Sales Automation

TTEC Customer Service Self Service

  • Provide Knowledge Management throughout customer journey
  • Provide web portal to customers for policy maintenance
  • Allow customers to purchase additional products
  • Help customer initiate chat interactions or co-browse

TTEC Customer Service Contact Center

  • Handle email, chat and phone channels
  • Update customer policy and other information directly in TTEC inreal time
  • Allow agent to co-browse with customer
  • Allow for the creation, tagging, and publishing of knowledge management content

TTEC Integration and API Platform


Rethinking, redefining, and redesigning the carrier to employer insurance marketplace

Our Model with Munich RE


See it in action

Munich RE is one of the world's leading reinsurance companies. Munich RE is playing a key role in driving forward the digital transformation of the insurance industry. Munich RE partnered with TTEC to help them create Parachute, a fully digital end-to-end platform offering an array of insurance and protection solutions for their partners.