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Government FAQ: New Contact Solutions to Meet Surging Citizen Demand

Government FAQ: New Contact Solutions to Meet Surging Citizen Demand

Unemployment claims and coronavirus-related concerns pushed federal, state and local government agencies to a breaking point.  That’s why easing surge demand and stressed systems by exploring work-from-home and digital contact center solutions for government agencies will become a necessity in times of uncertainty. Read this FAQ guide to address top contact center priorities facing government agencies:

  • Hiring and training at-home workers
  • Surge management techniques
  • The new role messaging and automation as digital support channels
  • Balancing humanity with technology

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Strategize to help those in need

The rapid deployment of associates and prioritization of digital channels are key to helping citizens now and in the future.

  • Government continuity and resiliency: We can provide immediate solutions including expanded capacity for 800 numbers, self service options, and intelligent IVR, as well as on-demand agents to augment your staff within 48 hours.
  • Contact Tracing: We’ve worked with government agencies during natural disasters and other emergencies to quickly deploy thousands of local and at-home agents where speed and agility are key.
  • Training and Onboarding: We help you engage and equip your employees with the right knowledge, skills and mindset to ensure every interaction they deliver transforms the citizen experience.