Sirius Decisions Annual Summit
Las Vegas, NV | May 8-10
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Tues. May 8
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How to successfully bring Fit, Intent, Engagement and Execution together to hit new heights

Join Jim Powell, Director Sales, FedEx and Barbara Wingle, Exec. Director, TTEC Engage to learn how the world’s leading logistics company is growing sales with its business customers using the latest AI enabled technology and precision data analytics. In this session we will share how FedEx is building customer engagement and growing its business by understanding customer needs, value and behavior, before, during and after every interaction.

Key Points to take away:

  • How to execute on Fit, Intent and Engage with sales practices to drive results.
  • How to use predictive data to be more relevant at the point of interaction
  • How to mine and use the most actionable data to refine messaging
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your salesforce with the right combination of tools, technology and training
  • What is coming next in the field of advanced sales analytics and how do you stay ahead
  • How to turn AI enablement from a buzz word into reality

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