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March 12-15

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Illuminate what’s behind captivating experiences.

The best customer experiences often feel like magic. They surprise and delight. They evoke wonder. In a word, they captivate. An essential ingredient to captivating customer experiences is the technology that makes them possible. But all too often this very technology becomes cause for customer frustration. It gets in the way, becomes too difficult to navigate, or worse yet, breaks. At TTEC, we know that the best technology isn’t just reliable and easy to use: it’s invisible. Our Humanify® Customer Engagement as a Service offering is engineered to bring humanity to the customer experience without standing in the way of it.

Learn more about how TTEC creates captivating experiences by driving customer insight, efficiency and enablement through our Humanify Insights Platform, Journey Orchestration Solutions and AI/Bots Solutions.

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Learn more about our captivating digital solutions:
Humanify® Journey Orchestration, powered by Kitewheel

Humanify Journey orchestration allows you to deliver a true customer-centric omnichannel experience. Customers are guided along a course based on real-time insights and data, across all digital touchpoints. This enables companies to create interactive and engaging customer-led experiences for the ultimate in personalized service. Humanify Journey Orchestration uses real-time and historic customer data, predictive models, decision trees, matrix rules, and machine learning to continually improve journey performance.

At the core of Journey Orchestration is a great omnichannel platform. With TTEC’s Humanify Technology Platforms we offer the right platform for your needs, whether you are a mid-size business requiring an easily deployed all-in-one omnichannel platform or a large Enterprise requiring a more custom solution.

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Humanify® Insights Platform

A cloud-based customer and employee data platform that provides a 360° view of customer needs, behaviors, and preferences. Learn how insight- driven consulting, technology, and operations combine to connect brands and their customers within and across voice, digital, and automated channels.

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Humanify® Digital Worker Factory

AI/Automation enables a 24 x 7 hybrid workforce in which the Bot can engage customers directly and escalate to humans for higher value tasks. They can also train and assist human agents to improve average handle time, provide consistency in response and elevate the overall customer experience. TTEC offers 3 solutions:

Customer Assist - Virtual customer assistants directly handle customer queries and can escalate to an agent as needed.

Associate Assist – Leverages artificial intelligence to help agents access the right information to resolve issues the most effectively and efficiently

RealPlay™ – Simulates learning using automation enabling agents to “self serve” a portion of their training.

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