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Rethink Your CX Structure Today to Build for Tomorrow

Rethink Your CX Structure Today to Build for Tomorrow eBook Cover

Finding the right mix of human and digital components in your CX structure is key to business success in an omnichannel world. Customers crave the empathy that comes with human interaction and the precision and depth of information that digitisation can provide. Successful companies are balancing these elements in ways that are optimising the customer experience and maximising business efficiency. Download and read the eBook to discover:

  • Scenarios in which customers still prefer human interaction to automation
  • How digital solutions like artificial intelligence have become more effective, and can even augment the capabilities of human agents
  • Why the right blend of both is critical to your company’s successful digital transformation and customer retention

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It’s important to consider that one part of the CX process will never be digital: the customer

  • TTEC helped a Fortune 100 Financial Services firm see a 60% increase in cross-channel engagement
  • TTEC helped a prominent credit reporting company raise its CSAT score by 40% YOY
  • TTEC’s Humanify® platform allowed 73% of one health and nutrition company’s customer issues to be solved via self help
  • A global telecommunications company saw a 59% savings in average handle time.

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Rethink Your CX Structure Today to Build for Tomorrow