TTEC EMEA’s Most Popular CX Content of 2020

We’ve all made it through a tough year, and some of the year’s unique challenges will help to shape a more meaningful future. 2020 was more than recognising the new-normal; it was time to reimagine interactions with family, friends and coworkers, innovate everyday life and accelerate digital transformation.

For us at TTEC, the content we wrote connected deeply to our personal lives, and every blog, podcast and video touched on a challenge we were experiencing in and out of work.

So please, join us as we explore our top 5 most popular content of 2020, we can’t wait to continue the journey in 2021. Happy Holidays!

1. Effortless Experiences Toolkit
Explore the effortless experience toolkit. Powered by industry leading influencers sharing their thoughts and expertise in creating less effort, more happy engagements with your customers.

2. Overcoming the challenge of distributed workforces after COVID-19
Intelligent Sourcing Magazine has joined forces with TTEC to help you negotiate your way around the challenge of distributed workforces post pandemic.

3. 7 Trends for Navigating the New Customer and Employee Landscape
In 2021, get ready to hit the reset button on customer innovation and reshape the employee experience.

4. Future Proofing Customer Contact: Enable Always on CX for the Always-Connected Customer
Broaden your range and learn how to meet your customers where they are via AI powered messaging, social media conversations and even mobile apps.