South Africa And Egypt Are Locations To Watch For BPO

Although TTEC is based in Denver, Colorado, the company is truly global. Here in the EMEA region we have several regional hubs and even more locations across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

In fact, I believe that two of our locations in Africa are really special and stand out globally for their access to some of the best talent on the continent and multilingual opportunities. I’m talking about Egypt and South Africa, but don’t just take my word on these being really special locations - check out what analyst firm Ryan Strategic Advisory (RSA) said earlier this year.

RSA publishes an annual report based on the most favoured global locations for Business Process Outsourcing and customer service activities. The report is always well received in the industry because the founder of RSA, Peter Ryan, talks to hundreds of customer service decision makers to gauge which locations are the most popular and attractive.

In the 2022 research South Africa tied with India for the top slot. Poland and the Philippines tied for second place. Malaysia held the same third place the country achieved last year. Egypt also held onto the same fourth place it held last year. Mexico rounds out the top five destinations.

The two African destinations highly recommended by Peter Ryan in his research are both locations where TTEC EMEA has operations - we already know why people believe in these locations.

Talking about Egypt in his research, Peter Ryan said: “The North African CX powerhouse continues to garner interest from all major demand markets, based on its scalability, multilingualism, and reputation for quality outcomes. In fact, out of the roughly 50 offshore and nearshore locations under analysis in this year’s research, Egypt was the most consistently ranked across all demand markets. It is perhaps the most multilingual offshore CX delivery destination in the world.”

This is a great point that is often overlooked by those that don’t know Egypt well - you can find professionals speaking almost any language you require there. It’s a great location for a multilingual service centre.

South Africa took the top slot without sharing it last year. Peter Ryan commented in his research: “Though singularly the first-place finisher last year, South Africa’s resilience is remarkable. BPO watchers will recall that Durban and Johannesburg were gripped by rioting in mid-2021. The tumult had the potential to sour interest among CX stakeholders in key demand markets. Instead, South Africa has rebounded nicely. Its hold on the top spot is a testament to the determination of South African CX stakeholders to ensure their delivery destination’s global viability.”

I’d echo Peter’s statements on both South Africa and Egypt - these locations are leading the entire continent for BPO services. I’d be happy to share my own experiences - just get in touch.

Let me know what you think about the RSA research as well as Egypt and South Africa. Leave a comment here or get in touch directly via my LinkedIn.