The Interactive TTEC Customer Experience Workshop – your blueprint for CX success!

Optimisation of customer experience architecture has been a priority for companies in 2020 given the effect the year has had on buying habits, customer needs and workforce logistics. Personalisation, automation at scale and cross-channel integration have never been more important. But with the myriad tools, processes and systems available, making effective structural changes to your CX stack can be a daunting proposition.

To help give a clearer picture of the positive impact updating your CX operations can have, TTEC has launched the Customer Experience Workshop – your blueprint for CX success. The interactive online experience allows users to tweak aspects of CX to see how they affect both the end customer and agents alike. Adjusting inputs such as the ratio of AI to human agents, available customer data and the level of agent training have measurable impacts on things like customer satisfaction, agent performance metrics and average handle time. For instance, skewing heavily toward a virtual agent presence and relying solely on artificial intelligence may drastically reduce the average agent call volume but could also negatively affect customer satisfaction. The game-like experience positions experimentation with these inputs as a kind of quest for the perfect CX balance. You are the architect of their own success. Aside from being a useful way to get an impression of the right blend of CX characteristics for your organisation, it’s a fair bit of fun!

Once you’ve discovered the CX mix that’s right for you, continue through the site to learn about which TTEC solutions can help provide that mix for your organisation. You’ll also find resources that further highlight the importance of optimised CX to successful organisations.

With an impression of what types of CX changes will best benefit your company and its customers, you’ll be able to schedule a more in-depth consultation with one of TTEC’s experts to evaluate your current systems and how to take them to that “game-winning” level. As trusted practitioners, TTEC share in the risk and reward of delivering superior CX to Fortune 100 companies around the world, providing strategic direction, delivering operational excellence, and producing financial outcomes.

2020 has demonstrated that previously desirable technology options like process automation, AI, smart analytics and hybrid or multi cloud are now essential for business survival. Curious about the effects CX technology and operational updates can have on your business? Explore the Customer Experience Workshop and see for yourself!