How to optimise your multilingual sales operating model

Companies are facing increasing cost pressures globally. Inflation is soaring and the cost of labour continues to rise as the war for CX talent rages. Brands have to consider new operating models and are more focused than ever on transforming their operations as they look to deliver enhanced results at lower costs.

Revenue generation features high on the agenda as a means of offsetting the impact of rising costs and driving an improved ROI for the business. A typical sales operating model combines the recruitment of talent, geographic location, and the use of process and technology to enhance results. But as businesses aim to improve results, they need to consider innovative approaches to sourcing and retaining talent, how best to blend physical and virtual locations, and the optimal tools to empower results.

This is complicated enough when operating in a single language but becomes more complex when multiple languages are thrown into the mix. This can be a daunting exercise to undertake for any business, but it doesn’t have to be if the right partner is selected.

Seek opportunities with new options

Traditionally, sales and retention operations often exist across multiple geographical locations, driven by the need to be close to potential buyers and to have sales and lead-generation teams co-located in a region to drive optimal working relationships.

But the landscape has changed; the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have driven large proportions of the workforce into a work-at-home (WAH) setting and proven that many functions can be delivered just as effectively without the need for physical co-location. From an employee perspective, there has been a clear shift with more staff wanting some level of WAH to improve their work-life balance.

So, what does this means for companies looking to enhance and scale sales functions? It means new opportunities at a time when the cost of labour and the impacts of inflation are placing pressure on operating costs.

Removing a sole dependency on brick-and-mortar locations expands the recruitment pool, which enables talent to be sourced from new and potentially cheaper labour pools. Advancements in WAH technology mean staff located in multiple locations can all effectively be managed through a single cloud interface, driving efficiencies at scale. When you’re challenged by operating in multiple languages, this ability to source from an increasingly diverse global talent pool creates some exciting opportunities brands should consider.

Customize models to meet business goals

At TTEC, we have deep experience within the revenue generation space and can help companies evaluate their current sales operating model and re-design a blueprint for the future that delivers enhanced ROI without compromising on quality.

Our global footprint caters to all scenarios. For in-country models we can offer brick-and-mortar, WAH, or a blend of both, depending on strategic priorities. Where multilingual consolidation is a priority, we can offer ‘hubs’ in places like Greece and the provision of native speakers, supported by a network of nearshore locations where individual languages skill can be scaled at an incrementally lower cost. All models can be supported by brick-and-mortar and WAH options.

We’ve recently added Egypt as a multilingual hub and South Africa as a source of high-quality English-speaking teams.

Whether it is B2B or B2C, outbound or inbound sales, implementing the right operating model is critical to ensuring companies can drive the best return from their resource investment. Businesses that embrace this challenge now, as they face the headwinds of the next one to five years, will maximise their chances of retaining and acquiring customers whilst reducing longer-term business risk.

Use data to enhance performance

Sourcing sales skills and identifying an optimal geographic footprint are only parts of the answer. Sales talent needs to be supported by the right tools and technology.

When implemented well, the right tech helps maximise the opportunity for targeting strategies to generate the best returns from a retention or acquisition perspective.

At TTEC, we have expertise in driving outstanding sales results for our clients. Our global network of facilities enables us to source high-quality sales talent – in the right location and supported by the right blend of physical and virtual operating models.

We empower our staff to deliver the best results by supporting them with a range of analytical tools that drive a deep understanding of customer segments, buying behavior, and intents to ensure sales activities are intelligently employed and targeted.

Choose the right partner

As businesses face into the headwinds of inflationary and labour challenges, re-assessing how to drive improved sales revenue and customer retention has to be front of mind. You need the right partner with deep experience within this domain who can critically assess your current sales operating model and help you optimise it for enhanced results.

At TTEC, we provide end-to-end growth solutions that can help take your sales to the next level – from the right strategy, to best-in-class tools (like analytics and automation), and the skilled sales teams to bring it all together.

With 40 years of experience helping top brands across the globe, we know how to strike the right balance of people and technology to deliver seamless customer experiences, drive sales, and grow revenue.

To learn more about how else we can help your company to exceed targets and improve customer experience – with guaranteed cost savings – check out our Adapt Now solutions.