Deal or No Deal, Brexit is on the Horizon - What does it mean for CX?

On 31 Dec. 2021 the UK will officially end its transition period from the EU, marking the years' long conclusion of Brexit. This has come alongside a year of tremendous social and political change that has left no corner of life unchanged. What impact will Brexit have on customer and employee experiences in 2021 and beyond? Here are some predictions.

Impact on Trade

One of the most critical factors is the risk of a 'No-Deal' and its impact on trade between the UK and EU. Talks surrounding the deal between the UK and the EU are dangerously entering extra time and critical factors regarding tariffs and transportation of goods are hanging in the balance. If a deal is not struck in time it could lead to complications for supply chains, retailers becoming overwhelmed with various restrictions and economic implications.

Impact on Data

The final weeks of the transition period will usher in a new year of data protection laws. GDPR, a set of EU data regulation laws, will transition into the UK GDPR leaving businesses and individuals in the wake of new rules regarding their information. Business owners and citizens in the UK will have to adjust to subtle changes in laws regarding their data and how this will impact the exchange of information between the EU.

For example, free mobile-phone roaming between the UK and EU may be uncertain, but fortunately organisations like Vodafone, EE, Three and O2 have made propositions not to reintroduce charges. We'll touch on the power of communication later in the blog.

Impact on Travel

The effects of leaving the transition period will more than likely alter the formality of travelling within Europe. For the recovering hospitality industry and renewed rules on isolation it will be paramount to be aware of restrictions to accommodate customers during peak travel times such as holidays Some key changes UK citizens can face include length of stay and passport restrictions when entering the EU. Business leaders will need to brace for a new customer experience world where ease of travel is no longer quite the luxury.

Impact on COVID-19 response

Following the news of first Pfizer vaccination in the country, The UK is entering a critical period of deciding how to handle vaccine distribution. Facing the possibilities of a 'No-Deal' and general confusion around Brexit the latest reports from BBC have statements from various medical professionals stating a contingency is in place and trade outcomes should not affect distribution.

This will be an essential time for organisations to be transparent and open about the future that lays ahead.

Be there for your Customers

Consumer trust will be critical when Brexit happens. As customers adjust to any new regulations and privacy measures (social and work) it's essential that organisations act a guiding hand to point out changes or the shift will affect daily life. Brands that are perceived as withholding information or being uncommunicative will swiftly lose customer trust.

What next for CX Leaders

In these uncertain times, business and CX leaders need to position their organisations to not only survive, but thrive. That is why it will be so critical to show people care and transparency surrounding the issues related to Brexit and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Now is the time to be bold and create change.

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