TTEC Seminar - Analysing the Role of Emotions in Customer Engagement

10th October | London, UK

Almost all human decisions have an emotional component – it is just a question of which ones and to what degree and most people are far from rational, most of the time.
Customer experiences – those that can dramatically effect outcomes – are a combination of what was done and how it was perceived. Customers are judging brands and their contact centres on more than just great operational effectiveness (they expect that): they want to be treated as unique human beings.  
Hear from Peter Dorrington, Director of Customer Insights at TTEC, as he covers the following:

  • Emotional & rational decision-making
  • Why connecting emotionally with customers matters
  • Some of the challenges & how to overcome them
  • The Customer Experience Vector (CXV)
  • The analytical process behind the CXV
  • Example use cases for emotion analytics
  • A case study
  • Practical steps you can take today

Isn’t it time to put the ‘relationship’ back into Customer Relationship Management?



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