Customer Centric Leadership: Driving a Customer Experience culture from within

26th September | London, UK

A TTEC hosted event, ‘Customer Centric Leadership: Driving a Customer Experience culture from within’ is part of the TTEC Digital 2018 Workshop Series.
Customer Experience (CX) is well recognised as a key differentiator in today’s business environment where the speed and access to information, high rates of technology adoption and always connected customers and employees are the new norm. Organisations no longer control their brand as they use to. Customer experience IS the brand.
By 2020, Forrester predicts that CX is projected to be the top brand differentiator over product and price. Whilst many organisations have embarked upon CX initiatives, why do the majority of these initiatives fail to deliver the promised results?
In this breakfast seminar you will learn about the key leadership attributes that drive CX projects to completion, shape employee experience and ultimately, enable exceptional CX.
The key attributes explained during the session are:
·        “Develops strategic perspective” – the Gretzky curve
·        “Establishes stretch goals” – Are your current KPIs and goals about your company or the customer?
·        “Inspires and motivates others to high performance” – feedback and communication
·        “Collaboration and teamwork” – developing a ‘fail fast and learn’ mentality
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Your presenter: Steve Ellis, Vice President, TTEC Digital
Steve leads the global facilitation team for TTEC Digital. His focus is on Strategy facilitation, Change management, Leadership development and Performance coaching. Steve has a wealth of CX experience, having worked at GlaxoSmithKline and Coca-Cola prior to joining TTEC