cx optimised

CX Optimised

Outsourced customer experience and
technology solutions that delight your
customers while lowering your costs.


Even innovative, agile brands need support to delight their customers. How is your CX?

In the fast-changing technology industry, companies need to maintain their agility without sacrificing customer experience. You need a mix of people and technology that can support new products, scale with flexibility, and deliver seamless interactions that delight customers. With TTEC, you get it all in one place: training, associates, operations, technology infrastructure, nearshore – offshore locations, and strategy. We’ll handle your CX so you can continue innovating.

The building blocks
of CX Optimised

TTEC’s proven outsourcing solutions provide
high tech companies a solid foundation for growth.

Optimise your cost basis by outsourcing parts of your business such as care, inside sales and back office.

Whether you need help operating business as usual or managing a seasonal surge, we combine the people, processes, and platforms to optimise your contact centre.


Optimise your outsourcing strategy by exploring alternatives to in-house and onshore delivery.

Regardless of what language your customers' speak, we'll find a solution that matches your needs with our talent. For both synchronous and asynchronous interactions, near shore solutions deliver great value to you and your customers.


Do more with less by empowering customer self-service and augmenting the agent experience.

Customers and associates want the same things: speed and convenience. Intelligent automation speeds up simple tasks so there is time to tackle the most complex ones.


Improve inefficient processes with managed services for WFM, WFO, QA/QM and Knowledge Management.

No need to operate with inefficient CX processes on your own when we've optimised ours with 40 years of experience.


Increase employee engagement, decrease turnover and overhead costs with proven work from home models.

Our work@home platform provides all of the technology, training, coaching and engagement programs required to delivery happy employees and happy customers.


Decrease handle time, reduce cost to serve and improve CX with digital channels.

When you understand what your customer wants to accomplish, it’s easy to automate simple tasks and provide trained associates to manage more complex interactions.


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A delivery company ensures it’s future-ready

TTEC helped a major food service delivery company create an actionable plan for digital transformation and equip advocates with the training and skills to convert more callers into new customers.

Read the Case Study

Fintech disruptor raises the bar with a smarter customer experience

With agile proactive support, TTEC enabled a unicorn fintech company to maintain a high level of customer support, launch new fraud screening services to protect customers, and much more.

Talent. Technology. Empathy. Connected. We deliver optimised customer care, tech support, sales, AI operations,
and trust and safety solutions through our CX BPO and technology services.
In the experience economy, the answers to growth profitability and loyalty are simple. CX Optimised. Learn more about CX Optimised.