Digital and Managed Learning Services

Our certified managed learning platform delivers bite-sized, gamified training modules to tailor the learning experience for each employee.

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Engaging on-demand learning journeys

Our digital learning solutions provide personalised and engaging on-demand training activities that gives employees what they need to do their jobs effectively. Our proven and certified managed learning content is ready to be delivered anywhere, anytime, from bite-sized, gamified digital modules to interactive, facilitated sessions. Our services include looking at the complete employee lifecycle, as well as operational business goals and metrics, to provide repeatable and scalable personalised programs. Our learning and training services enable the efficient upskilling of new and existing employees, from front-line personnel all the way to the executive office, so your employees can reach their highest potential and you can achieve company-wide business objectives.


Invest in your most valuable asset - the people - as effective digital learning solutions can improve organisation-wide performance and business results

Heighten proficiency

Emphasise continuous employee development through enhanced learning opportunities

Increase productivity

Provide tools and knowledge employees need to increase output and foster greater collaboration

Greater profitability

Enhancing business profitability by empower employees to reach their highest potential

Reduce costs

More efficient onboarding and faster speed-to-proficiency help decrease time and resource costs for training

our manged learning platform brings together many topics and formats
Managed learning services to optimise training and engagement

Our learning outsourcing solutions combine the right technology, communication strategy, gamification model, and incentive programs to create effective digital learning curriculum. Our digital modules allow learners to self-pace their training, which can be done during breaks or at home, so learners can be more productive during working hours. This also gives the facilitator the chance to oversee more students, in a more engaging format, than having to teach students in a static, time consuming classroom environment. Other important features of our course content include gamification of training modules to encourage learner progress through the curriculum, and real-time feedback provides immediate coaching opportunities to help shorten onboarding and nesting periods.

managed learning journeys across the entire employee lifecycle
Engaging learning anytime, anywhere
Personalised learning

Our digital learning programs emphasise personalisation and social collaboration to keep learners engaged and interested throughout the training process.

Simplified learning

Our content development process ensures courses are easy to navigate, fully mobile, ready on demand, and consumable in a quick fashion via short, bite-sized modules.

Contextualised learning

Our learning platform provides training in engaging and practical ways, with game-based mechanics to drive real-world behaviour change using points, badges, rewards, and status.

Strategised learning

Our learning and development solutions are customisable to help focus training on achieving your desired operational business outcomes and KPIs.


Take a holistic approach to enterprise learning

Optimise every step of employee development with our training outsourcing and digital learning services.
Develop competence
  • Visioning
  • Learning and training
  • Knowledge management
  • Proficiency assessments
  • Reporting and dashboards
Customise content
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Communications
  • Mindset
  • Contact centre training
Build Blended Learning Programs

Digital learning

Facilitated learning

Licensed content

Inspire learning through partnerships

Project based

Program based

Managed services


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