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European CX Trends 2019

February 28, 2019

In this episode, our host Neil Russell-Smith delivers a short monologue on the eight customer experience trends to watch in 2019 and beyond.

As we race into 2019, customer demands for simplicity, convenience, and personalisation remain as pressing as ever. Meanwhile, CX technology trends are expanding and growing more complex. Omnichannel services are evolving to include more options, smart speakers are gaining wider adoption, and self-service is being redefined. These are consequential times for executive leaders seeking to position their organisations to compete and thrive in a disruptive market.

So, get ready and listen in as we outline customer experience trends to watch in 2019 and beyond.

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Episode Transcript:

Neil Russell-Smith: Welcome to episode one of the CX POD Europe your customer experience podcast that provides thought leadership and executive insight on customer issues. My name is Neil Russell-Smith. And today we're here to talk about eight European CX trends for navigating the next stage of customer experience disruption.

So as we kick off a fresh year customer demands for simplicity, convenience, and personalisation remain as pressing as ever. Meanwhile, CX technology trends are expanding and growing even more complex. With omni-channel services evolving to include more options, smart speakers gaining wider adoption, and things like self service being redefined, these are consequential times for executive leaders seeking to position their organizations to compete and thrive in what is their disruptive markets.

So let's take a look at the trends.

We've broken them into two parts: The first being great consumer expectations as we label them. So customers still want the same things, they want simplicity, convenience, personalisation, but the way in which these expectations are being met grows increasingly sophisticated.

Trend One: Doing omni-channel the customers way.

A few years ago tying together various channels to create one unified customer experience was considered disruptive. Today it's a differentiator. Offering omni-channel services that are tailored to customer's specific needs and preferences give a brand a competitive advantage.

So here's our 2019 tip for Trend One, design omni-channel experiences around the needs and expectations of your target customers first to maximise the impact.

Trend Two: Voice assistants are just getting started.

So as more people welcome voice assistants into their home and their office, brands need to think about how they'll connect with their consumers in a way that's authentic but not intrusive.

Our 2019 tip for trend two is demonstrate to customers that you're prioritising data privacy as part of the value delivered through voice interactions.

Trend Three: Supporting an Internet of Things world.

In an increasingly IoT world artificially intelligent devices are beginning to act on behalf of human customers.

Our 2019 tip for Trend Three is to think about how best to interact with the devices and items that complete tasks on behalf of human customers.

Trend Four: Balancing humanity and automation

Sensors, cameras, and algorithms are altering customer interactions with human’s staff.

Our 2019 tip for Trend Four, is that frictionless service remains a key differentiator. So as traditional roles get automated consider whether customers would value speaking with associates in their roles such as nutrition expert or Insurance Specialist for nuanced situations.

Leading into part two: what's expected of businesses.

So along with customer-facing trends. There are four back-office trends that are shaping future customer experiences.

Trend Five: CX Growing Pains

Quick customer experience wins are beneficial in the short term but a quick win culture is lethal.

The 2019 tip for Trend Five is that the customer experience is not a department. It has to be a way of thinking, leaders can promote this notion with accountability systems that tie awards and compensation to customer experience.

Trend Six: CEOs take the CX Disruption Reigns

For maturing companies’ CEOs are increasingly taking responsibility for the customer experience digital initiatives.

The 2019 tip for Trends Six, by focusing on technology alone, even when it's flawlessly designed, can obscure the other organisational steps necessary for delivering value.

Trend Seven: The Skill Gap Reaches Critical Levels

So ensuring employees have the necessary talent, knowledge, and mindset to drive transformation is key to building a disruptive business.

2019 tip for Trend Seven, hire candidates with the mindset and drive for continuous learning.

Trend Eight: Greater artificial intelligence integration

Growing demand for ubiquitous customer support makes artificial intelligence powered assistance essential.

2019 tip for Trend Eight, communicate to employees the importance of AI in their business and how expectations, acquired skill sets, and experiences will evolve.

In summary stay ahead of the trends. Look at simplicity, customers still demand that simplicity, that personalisation, and convenience.

So execution and delivery methods must grow with them. You need to find a balance to customer strategies that deliver short term marginal gains need to be balanced with a long-term strategy.

Be realistic, realistic expectations about the duration and cost of a customer experience transformation are necessary for meaningful results.

Prioritise, so to stay competitive make the customer experience the strategic priority at the corporate level and hold your leaders accountable. And focus on the approach, truly disruptive leaders approach service and experience as a revenue driver for their business and reinvest the cost savings into CX initiatives.

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So goodbye and thanks for listening, we hope to see you again for our next episode of CX POD Europe by TTEC.