Personalisation And Putting The Customer At The Heart Of Retail Future Strategy

A great deal of thought goes into designing a fantastic retail experience: store design, location, and a clear focus on omnichannel, all designed to deliver an online and in-store blended experience, add to this personalisation and the use of data to create insight into customer preferences - it can get really complex for both Customer and the Business;

But sometimes, it’s the really simple thoughts that count.

Customer Acquisition vs. Retention: The Perfect Balancing Act

The art of attracting and keeping customers is a balancing act, and the pandemic was an anvil thrown onto the scale. The brands that survived the shift in everyday life knew how to not only bring in new customers, but nourish the relationship with empathy and personalisation.

TTEC EMEA’s Most Popular CX Content of 2020

We’ve all made it through a tough year, and some of the year’s unique challenges will help to shape a more meaningful future. 2020 was more than recognising the new-normal; it was time to reimagine interactions with family, friends and coworkers, innovate everyday life and accelerate digital transformation.

Rethink, Reset, Rebuild: Here’s How Businesses Earn Back Customer Loyalty and Brand Loyalty

How has COVID-19 affected customer and brand loyalty and what can businesses do to regain that loyalty? Here’s what industry experts, researchers, and customer experience leaders are seeing on the ground as major corporations to SMBs attempt to answer this very question.

Stay Ahead of Evolving Customer Behaviour this Holiday Season

Sales Outsourcing: 11 Benefits of Outsourcing Sales

What is sales outsourcing? Sales outsourcing allows you to take advantage of untapped opportunities by leveraging additional salespeople through an outsourcing partnership.