Startups: Improve CX with cutting-edge voice automation

Nothing frustrates customers more than getting stuck in an endless automation loop when trying to reach customer support. We’ve all been there: yelling “operator” into the phone, wasting time, and getting more annoyed every second. It’s an awful experience, and a mistake growing companies can’t afford to make.  

Provide faster tech support and improve CX with co-browsing

When customers reach out for technical support, they arrive with a specific problem and simply want a quick resolution.

Co-browsing is an often-overlooked technique that allows customers to give associates access to view and navigate websites on the customers’ screen in real time. Also known as collaborative browsing, this technique lets customers and associates work together to solve problems quickly.

4 ways AI should be evolving your contact centre

AI in the contact centre is nothing new. For years, brands have used AI-powered tools to automate tasks and extract insights from large pools of data.

But with the sudden popularity of ChatGPT and similar programs bringing AI to the masses, companies are (or should be) taking a fresh look at how they’re implementing AI and where they can better use it to improve customer experience. The contact centre houses some exciting opportunities.

Tech support alone isn’t enough (you need great CX, too)

When customers encounter a technical glitch or problem and have to reach out to customer support, they’re already frustrated. It’s not enough to just deliver quick resolutions to their problems with the right technical expertise; you need the right people and tools in place to enable a customer experience that’s empathetic, proactive, and seamless. 

How to optimise your multilingual sales operating model

Companies are facing increasing cost pressures globally. Inflation is soaring and the cost of labour continues to rise as the war for CX talent rages. Brands have to consider new operating models and are more focused than ever on transforming their operations as they look to deliver enhanced results at lower costs.

Upstream Works Looks To AI To Help Agents Help Customers

TTEC EMEA has been a partner of Upstream Works for many years. Upstream Works has spent the past 15 years innovating how contact centres function. Their software is known for being focused on real business problems and they take pride in the fact that two thirds of all the features in their current system were requested directly by customers of the software.

South Africa And Egypt Are Locations To Watch For BPO

Although TTEC is based in Denver, Colorado, the company is truly global. Here in the EMEA region we have several regional hubs and even more locations across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Travel is roaring back—is your customer support ready?

After more than two years of lockdowns and social distancing, consumers are once again taking to the skies, roads, rails, and sea to make up for lost time. Excellent customer support is a critical part of travel and hospitality.

Business intelligence vs. predictive analytics: How to use the right approach

Think fast: What is the difference between business intelligence and predictive analytics and why does it matter? While many companies use these tools to better utilise the big data at their disposal, a quick Google search shows that these are still common questions.

Captive contact centre vs. outsourcing: The most overlooked part of retail CX

As retailers contend with the latest slate of challenges—inflation, snarled supply chains, the return to experience spending—there’s no overstating the importance of having a high-quality contact centre. Contact centres are often where customers directly interact with a brand, and their experiences can bring swift consequences: positive experiences can lead to sales and repeat business, while negative ones can turn customers off a brand for good.