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Our Intelligent Virtual Assistants make it easy for customers and brands by humanising digital touchpoints and setting up support associates for success.


Stop wasting your customer’s time with dumb bots

Customers want to engage with companies across digital and voice, and expect both personalisation and consistency wherever they are. With rising labour rates and proliferating channels, Intelligent Virtual Assistants are a cost-effective way to provide a seamless customer experience.

From bots to Intelligent
Virtual Assistants

Most of today’s bots are highly scripted, channel-specific, and limited in their ability. The result: a frustrating experience for customers. We help brands move from bots to Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs). Our IVAs create a personalised experience with human-like empathy. IVAs learn from past interactions and connect both voice and text channels. If a live support associate is needed, the IVA automatically and seamlessly transfers the customer.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants can:

  • Listen across voice and text channels
  • Understand inquiries and sentiment, in all required languages and across all use cases
  • Respond with personalised and contextual answers
  • Know when to escalate to a human associate and seamlessly transfer the customer
  • Remember what it has learned
A Digital Worker Factory™
provides scalability

Rather than creating multiple scripted bots for every need, the Humanify Digital Worker Factory™ enables brands to build a single IVA that can handle multiple use cases across all channels. This enables a 24x7 hybrid workforce in which the IVA can engage customers directly and escalate to humans for higher value tasks. IVAs can also train and assist human associates to improve average handle time, provide consistency in responses, and elevate the overall customer experience, bringing the perfect mix of AI, human touch, and a dash of magic to every customer interaction.

  • Unscripted and adaptable
  • Omnichannel
  • Single “bot,” multiple use cases
  • Symbiotic relationship with human associates
  • Easy and efficient to add use cases and channels
Chatbots will create cost savings of more than $8 billion annually by 2022, up from $20 million in 2017.

Juniper Research

AI / Bot Solutions

RealPlay Simulated Learning

Use IVAs to personalise training based on an associate's skill level and to perform assessments for customised coaching.

Associate Assist

Leverage IVAs to help associates access the right information to resolve issues more effectively, efficiently, and consistently.

Inbound IVAs

Directly handle customer queries and escalate to a human associate as needed.

Marketing IVAs

Drive quality leads and proactively alert customers of the “next best action” that will move them down the purchase funnel.


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