Think you’ve got the best CX and EX out there? Prove it.

Nominate your company to win a prestigious CXcellence Award for program, technology, and individual excellence in delivering amazing customer and employee experiences.

Winners will be announced in early 2023 and featured in the Customer Strategist Journal.

Submissions will be judged on their innovation, humanity, and impact by the industry’s top thought leaders at the Customer Strategist Journal and seasoned CX experts from TTEC.

September 26 nominations open, October 31 deadline for submissions, December 2022 finalists notified, February 2023 winners announced, Spring 2023 awards ceremony



Program Awards

Best Overall CX: Nominees shall demonstrate a deep understanding of the customer and their intent, mastery of channel efficiency, and ability to humanify business.

Best Overall EX: Nominees shall show how they have responded to new workforce dynamics to improve employee experience and engagement.

Best Total Experience: Nominees must describe how they have empowered employees to deliver excellent customer experiences, and what business outcomes resulted from the total experience.

Best Sales Excellence Program: Nominees should show how they delivered outbound or inbound sales in a contact center environment with impactful sales results and excellent CX.

Best Use of Emerging Contact Center Channel: Nominees must describe why they began using the emerging channel (not voice) and how it led to a better customer experience. Emerging channels can include messaging, chat, social media, or other digital channels.

Technology Awards

Best Analytics Insights: Nominees should describe how their use of analytics contributed to an improved experience for customers and employees, with outcomes and insights.

Best Automation Implementation: Nominees should describe how a specific automation solution(s) improved employee or customer experiences.

Best Omnichannel Delivery: Nominees should describe their omnichannel delivery model and how it led to improved CX and EX.

Best Partner Innovation: Nominees must detail specific CX innovations they implemented with a technology. How did the application of partner technology lead to better customer outcomes?

Individual Awards
(Awarded to one person at any level in the company)

Customer Champion: Nominees should describe how they incorporate customer centricity into their jobs and serve as customer advocates across the organization to drive business outcomes.

Employee Champion: Nominees should describe how they incorporate employee centricity into their jobs and serve as employee advocates across the organization to drive business outcomes.


The nomination deadline for the CXcellence Awards 2022 has passed.