It makes good sense



In 2007, our employees created the Good Sense program. The program was designed to promote environmentally and socially responsible behavior. As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe we have an obligation to conduct business in ways that have a positive impact on our world and the communities in which we live, operate, and invest.

We apply Good Sense to our corporate decision-making process by taking both the environment and the community into consideration. As part of our environmental commitment, we continually look for ways to use our resources more efficiently.

We also apply Good Sense by educating and empowering our global employees. Good Sense helps create collaborative opportunities to keep our environment clean and our communities thriving.

As a company, we believe that socially and environmentally responsible behavior benefits our communities, our employees, and our business. Environmental protection is the responsibility of every person on the planet. As such, it is also the responsibility of each of our employees. Our environmental policy addresses the operations of our Company, which can impact the environment. It also examines how we can improve our operations to support positive environmental impact.

It just makes Good Sense.

If you are interested in learning more about our Good Sense program, please contact our media team.


Our Environmental Philosophy


Our passion for environmental responsibility is felt and emulated at all levels of our organization Our employees show their commitment by taking on a variety of projects to save energy, minimize waste, and promote clean air and water. In addition, you will see this passion demonstrated globally in how we build our facilities, how we light them, and in our site-based environmental management practices. Here are some examples of how we are supporting the environment.