Business Continuity Planning and Services

Achieve business continuity amid the COVID-19 pandemic with TTEC's collaborative and proactive global at-home remote contact center services and solutions.



Ramp up teams quickly with our flexible, seamless,
and scalable remote contact center solutions.

During this historic pandemic, we highly recommend organizations shift as much of their contact center workforce to an at-home environment as possible, regardless of geography.

Our resilience principles are focused on minimized disruption and stabilized operations. Our Contact Center Business Continuity Planning and Resiliency Solutions are ready to switch on at a moment's notice to keep your operations running smoothly with secure work-from-home, automated, messaging, and cloud-based solutions.

For over a decade, our at-home model has helped clients scale quickly in times of need, while also achieving improved customer experiences and operational KPIs. Our at-home associates can be trained and ready to take customer interactions within 48 to 72 hours. Meanwhile, a combination of our at-home associate model and messaging and chat omnichannel solutions can allow your associates to concurrently handle 4x the number of customer interactions, including a 30% IVR deflection to self-resolution.

Schedule a quick virtual meeting and our contact center operations and CX experts will help you determine:

  • How much of your workforce should shift to an at-home or remote environment?
  • Is your technology ready to allow at-home workers?
  • How will you manage the increased volume of hiring, training, and QA?

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Business Continuity and Resiliency Solutions

When speed matters, working with a partner with the technology infrastructure, security certifications, and trained staff at-the-ready gives agencies the ability to act fast and be flexible as the situation changes.


Deploys immediately-available, highly-scalable and extensible at-home technology, and customer service associate solutions to support companies and their customers' needs, ensuring business continuity.



Improves utilization, capacity, and optimizes interactions by rapidly deploying AI-enabled conversational messaging channels (e.g., in-app chat, SMS, web-based chat, social) allowing customer service associates to quadruple the number of customers they can handle concurrently.


Increases workforce productivity by automating customer interactions using IVA's (intelligent virtual assistants) and business processes using RDA (robotic desktop automation) and RPA (robotic process automation).



TTEC's technology solution for contact center as a service ("CCaaS") which includes our Humanify cloud platform in addition to the design, implementation and ongoing managed services of the technology for both captive and outsourced customer service associates.


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Ramp up quickly with our flexible, seamless, and scalable remote contact center solutions

Our resilience principles are focused on minimized disruption and stabilized operations and our solutions are ready to switch on at a moment's notice.

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