Healthcare Client Story

Robotic process automation zaps backlog, increases savings

When a major healthcare organization faced an enormous records backlog, TTEC solved the problem by automating manual tasks, improving process workflows, and increasing employee productivity.

Delivered $34K in immediate

cost savings

RPA bots processed 63,000

records in 11 days

Significantly increased employee

productivity and efficiency

The challenge

Back-office associates at a major nonprofit healthcare organization struggled to process a massive backlog of 45,000 course records and were bogged down by inefficient manual processes. The course records needed to be processed in order for students to receive their certificates of completion. The completion rate was 24 records per hour, resulting in significant delays from when students completed the course to when they received official certification. The organization needed an experienced partner to provide a fast and effective solution for eliminating the backlog and prevent future backlogs.

Our solution

In true TTEC fashion, our first step was to conduct an in-depth analysis of the client’s business needs and its existing system for updating records. We discovered that the system contained numerous pain points as agents manually entered data from an Excel spreadsheet into a database, allowing for duplicate records and other errors.

We proposed a solution that augmented the human workforce with automation, increasing efficiency and oversight while reducing errors. The client agreed to the proposal and we worked closely with their back-office team to design and program robotic process automation (RPA) bots that rapidly processed the backlog of records, flagged duplicate records, and forwarded exception records (records that require human input) to agents to resolve.

In addition, to prevent future backlogs, when a learner completes a course, a bot will automatically update the database with the learner’s course details and generate a case record for the CRM system. The RPA bot will also flag duplicate records and exception records, allowing the operations team to focus on resolving more complex tasks and close cases more quickly.

The results

A combined team of RPA bots and human associates worked faster and more effectively while increasing cost savings, compared to a solely human approach. In fact, it took two bots 30 seconds to process what would take two agents 150 seconds to complete—a 5x improvement. In just 11 days, at which point the backlog had ballooned to 63,000 course records, the bots flagged 2% of the records as duplicates and forwarded 15% for human input, with an 83% completion rate! Not only did we eliminate the entire backlog, we saved the organization more than $34K in increased efficiency.

The client was incredibly pleased with the results. In addition to eliminating the backlog, the client gained a cost-effective and sustainable solution for increasing productivity, efficiency, and savings that could potentially be applied to other challenges within the organization.


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