Technology Client Story

One Team. Six Months. $174 Million in Revenue.

We were asked to create an intelligent, agile program that would identify and prioritize high-value selling opportunities to help this client revamp their large-scale information system.


million in revenue in six months


increase in value per client


of our associates successfully manage over 1,500 accounts

Large-scale information systems are the backbone of big business. For this client – an international technology and consulting company – global enterprise technology is what they are known for. Industry leadership cannot be maintained if existing relationships are not strengthened, nurtured, and explored for new business. Certainly, incremental revenue needed to rise, but the client was looking at tomorrow’s business as well as today’s. The call was for an intelligent, agile program that would identify and prioritize high-value selling opportunities. More than that, it was also time for a redesigned marketing and customer experience strategy that would keep customers happy, informed, and engaged.

The business intelligence at the heart of the plan came from our proprietary suite of customer data analytics. Predictive modeling was developed based on a host of factors, such as behavior pattern recognition and historical customer profiling. Our revenue generation team used this data as a foundation for a digital marketing and customer outreach plan that would increase customer lifetime value.

The program combined both technology and a specially trained team of sales professionals, account managers and technical specialists. When existing customers logged into the customer portal, they were greeted with a personalized message and biography of their assigned account manager. Customers were invited to connect via social media, and click-to-chat was available for immediate sales and service.

In six months, the team brought in $174 million in revenue through the sales of servers, storage, and software solutions to an increasingly valuable, viable, and reliable customer base.


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