Government Solutions Client Story

Leading Supplier Streamlines Operations and Reduces Costs

Our client is expanding their business by acquiring like-minded companies causing an issue of multiple communication infastructures. We helped our client move all communications to one network.


of staff for "solution-in-a-box" rapid and efficient migration


reduction in long distance fees for near instant ROI


break/fix for quick resolution of issues

Our client, a leading private label and food services supplier, is expanding its business by acquiring complementary companies. Each of the acquisitions have existing communications infrastructure, with disparate equipment, networks, and providers. Even more problematic are the different technology providers that each company has in place. As a result, in the event of an outage or service issue, it is a challenge to determine which provider to bring in, and in many cases, leads to significant delays. Finally, the new additions have substantial long distance telephone charges, and are unable to communicate with corporate through any common messaging system. With an aggressive acquisition timeline and multiple companies joining the corporate family every year, our client sought a way to integrate the acquisitions into the corporate network for ease of operations and cost reduction.

Working with the client over the past six years of its explosive growth, we developed a system for a rapid migration of existing company infrastructure into the corporate network. With the same staff of highly skilled professionals on each migration project, we are able to provide a turnaround from signing the contract to full implementation in less than 30 days.

We upgraded the equipment and network, leveraging WAN (wide area network) to route calls via SIP protocol for all internal site-to-site dialing, moving the acquisition company from whatever antiquated system was in place to a seat at the corporate Avaya network table.

Six years and some two dozen sites later, we remain the client’s go-to resource for its acquisition integration services. Utilizing the WAN for internal calling has resulted in a long distance fees savings of thousands of dollars per year for a quick return on investment, and each new company now enjoys the same integrated messaging, voicemail functionality, disaster recovery, and one-stop break/fix resource. The stability and consistency of the solution is guaranteed by the same dedicated staff performing each cutover, while the congruity of each new acquisition to the ones before and after allow for rapid and efficient problem resolution. Finally, the migration provides the new additions with the option of adopting new technologies as they become available, including softphones and even the planned implementation of Lync in the near future.


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