Healthcare Client Story

High Tech Meets High-Touch

A healthcare services provider streamlines patient care with a scalable and integrated technology solution.


reduction in workforce allowed by outbound dialer


increase in productivity


minutes reduction from each case processing time

Our client, a healthcare services provider responsible for performing medical necessity reviews for healthcare providers, is committed to helping its customers effectively manage clinical care while maintaining regulatory compliance and fiscal health. Over the past four years, the company experienced 200 percent annual growth, threatening the ability of its staff to respond to its customers in the required two-hour window. Fearing that its long-standing reputation for providing an exceptional customer experience could be in jeopardy, the company sought to improve its existing technologies by implementing a system that was scalable and could easily integrate with its patient management application. The solution also needed to reduce the time it took to deliver case results to the hospitals and doctors, allowing as much time as possible for physician advisor review.

Accommodating the client’s desire for an incremental solution, we started with the pain point of the 60 physicians and healthcare professionals manually contacting providers with results of case reviews. Our solution was able to incorporate the client’s in-place technology with an outbound caller to allow for calls to be made automatically in a fraction of the time.

With the successful implementation of the outbound caller functionality, we leveraged the positive impact of its technological advances into an upgrade of UCCE 7.5 to 9.0. This implementation of a unified telephony solution allowed for the continued, uncompromising customer experience for the client’s demanding physician employees and customers.

By giving the client’s staff the tools needed to more effectively use their valuable time for patient care and management, the client was able to maintain its reputation for an unparalleled customer experience while still realizing cost and time efficiencies through the thoughtful application of new technologies. Our integrated solution provided versatility and scalability to keep up with the client’s exponential yearly growth, more efficiently utilizing the time of its teams of healthcare professionals to provide significant reductions in cost without compromising its unwavering commitment to a superior customer commitment.


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