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Complex Billing Issues Need a Simple Answer

Our client was concerned with a trend in its own customer service channel that was negatively impacting customer satisfaction. Using our Simulated Learning solution we were able to cultivate happier customers.


rise in first call resolution rates


improvement in average call handle times over control


increase in training satisfaction

Wireless service makes life better. Complex billing issues – not so much. This major wireless provider was concerned with a trend in its own customer service channel that had a negative impact on customer satisfaction. Their customer service associates were struggling to resolve complicated billing calls in a timely manner. First call resolution rates and overall performance were inconsistent, and even tenured associates were not meeting minimum service requirements. The client had tried everything at its disposal to improve the issue on its own. Training solutions and comprehension tests, both formal and informal, were not providing results. Incentive and recognition programs weren’t doing any better. They sought us out because of our deep customer experience expertise to deliver a solution that would drive first call resolutions by turning associates into billing experts – without having to practice on live customers.

Our Simulated Learning solution is a cloud-based, data-driven approach to knowledge delivery and retention, tailored specifically for the needs of each client. For this program, we created twelve customized training modules based on thorough analysis of over 1,000 live billing calls, and by incorporating the best practice behaviors of the client’s top performing associates. Each training exercise was geared to create mastery in key areas of performance, and exercises were prioritized by the frequency of customer issues. The three-hour, interactive session was designed not only to steward participants through graduated levels of difficulty, but also to duplicate the actual experience of a day at work – including logging in to a virtual contact center. Trainers, coaches, and even other associates dialed in to a virtual network to engage in role-play with the learners. Calls were video and audio recorded using our proprietary built-in technology. Scores and feedback were provided to trainees within 24 hours of each session. Trainers and managers used an easy-to-read dashboard to evaluate progress and identify additional training needs. Additional training was customized for the needs of each learner, which contributed to the increased knowledge retention and speed-to-performance demonstrated by the program.

First-call resolution rates rose by 8.21 percent – 263 percent higher than rates recognized by the control group. Average call handle times improved by 260 percent when compared to the client’s control group. Employee satisfaction with job training more than doubled – from 39 percent to 80 percent.


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