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Telecom Doubles Conversions With Digital Sales Strategy


increase in qualified sales leads


decrease in cost per lead


increase in install rates

The digitization of communications is underway. Traditional operators must navigate this new reality with a digital-first approach. A leading communications company in Mexico realized that there were gaps in its digital capabilities. Specifically, it wanted to leverage the growing demand for digital services in Mexico into consistent sales volume.

The firm partnered with us to increase digital demand and boost sales by building 360-degree tracking and visibility of customers’ digital interactions. The team conducted a digital media assessment to help identify and eliminate inefficient marketing campaigns and shift investments into its best-performing segments. For example, it restarted a paid search program on Bing, which resulted in a 9 percent sales increase from paid media. We also helped train specialty omnichannel sales associates, whose objectives aligned with corporate marketing and sales goals.

And instrumental to the success of the client’s digital sales strategy was the implementation of our Revana AQ360SM search-to-sales technology suite. Revana AQ360 enables sales associates to see which landing page users visit, keywords they search, and the city where they’re located. With this information, sales teams can create specific sales strategies for each customer profile, and use deeper insights to have more relevant and meaningful conversations with customers and prospects.

This information was integrated with online customer journey tracking tools to leverage insight for relevant and contextual customer outreach.

Results of the initiative emerged almost immediately. The use of the Revana AQ360 platform delivered a 66 percent jump in qualified leads within the first 10 weeks of the initiative. At the same time, the cost per lead decreased by 40 percent. In addition, the creation of sales support roles to follow-up with customers further improved performance. Pre-sales conversion rates have increased from 4.7 percent to 18 percent, and install rates increased by 38 percent. And, by coaching customer service associates on best practices for handling sales and transfer calls, average handle time was reduced 27 percent for voice calls and by more than 34 percent for chat interactions.


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