Retail and eCommerce Client Story

Sales Jump, Acquisition Costs Drop With Unique Targeted Online Ads

Our client had found initial success using Google AdWords, but had hit a sales plateau and was looking to fix that. We were able to help develop a highly targeted keyword portfolio to optimize search campaigns.


increase in sales


decrease in cost-per-acquistion through the content network

Beauty and health-conscious consumers often look online before making a decision about which products to purchase. Many brands use the Internet nearly exclusively to interact with customers. One specialty skincare company found initial success with Google AdWords as a primary marketing channel, but eventually hit a sales plateau. It needed to increase its reach to new customers without increasing acquisition costs. The client chose us to optimize its online campaigns based on our proven results leveraging Google’s network and associated tools.

We developed a highly targeted keyword portfolio for a specific product line and optimized search campaigns to generate high search placements on Google. Going even further, we helped the client create several ad variations to tap into Google’s wide content network of websites, news pages, and blog partners. We studied the results using Google’s Placement Performance Report, then identified sites with the best impact. We tailored ads for these high-value sites to fit the needs of its site visitors. That way the ad fit into the context of the site.

The campaigns also benefited from the AdWords smart pricing feature. Smart pricing automatically adjusts the cost of each content network click based on the site’s relevance to the product. For example, if a particular click from a content network page is less likely to generate a sale, then Google technology automatically reduces the price the client pays for that click.

The new focus paid off. Sales of the product increased by 15 percent, and cost-per-acquisition dropped 13 percent from its previous search efforts. The company plans more campaigns that leverage Google’s content network with customized ads.


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