Healthcare Client Story

Holistic Media Program Delivers 56% Sales Increase

Competing for new members has never been so challenging. We helped our client, a leading healthcare insurer, implement a holistic media program that delivered 150% more leads.


increase in lead volume


reduction in year over year cost per enrollment

Healthcare reform and regulatory changes have sparked disruption and confusion for every member of the health care ecosystem: customers can now shop at their online healthcare exchanges, and healthcare providers are increasing competition by getting into the insurance business. This large insurer knew that to thrive in this increasingly volatile market, its commitment to member satisfaction needed to be shared with a wider audience. We had been running a successful digital media campaign for three of the insurer’s lines of business: families and individuals under the age of 65, Medicare, and small businesses. The question put to us was this: How can we show more enrollments from every marketing dollar?

Our plan for this client was to (1) expand the digital marketing program with a variety of media including mobile, display, and email campaigns, (2) reach the right customers at the right time by taking a more personalized approach to message delivery, and (3) use the resulting data to guide program refinements, campaign testing, and media spending.

Have you ever been on a website and then “coincidentally” seen an ad for products or information related to what you were just viewing? This technique is called dynamic retargeting, and we used it to send advertising to customers based on the “what, where, and when” of their online behavior. For example: If someone visited the insurer’s site, explored pages for individual and family plans but then left without beginning enrollment, ads were triggered to arrive that were relevant to those plans. Or, if that same person went on to search certain keywords, like “family plans,” the search would prompt the delivery of high-visibility ads about family plans -- increasing the likelihood of a return visit.

The new campaigns brought a welcome increase in clickthrough rates and phone calls for information, but our focus was on enrollments – how many of these leads were actually converting into new members? Behind the scenes, data was collected and analyzed to understand how each piece of media contributed to new member acquisition, and analytics models were created to test new ideas and optimize campaigns. The insights helped reduce cost per enrollment by 12 percent by enabling the company to base multimedia spending on actual sales results. The entire process created a holistic cycle of continuous improvement, with customer engagement directing the evolution of the program.

The program accelerated the insurer’s growth -- delivering 150 percent more leads and a 56 percent increase in enrollment over the previous year’s online efforts. More importantly, this insurance provider now has a mature digital marketing organization with the agility and sustainability to succeed in a rapidly changing healthcare arena.


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