Vacations and Customer-Centric Solutions: Is the All-Inclusive Deal Worth It?

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Winter has been unusually warm this year, and with this Spring-like weather my family is already itching to plan our summer vacation. The big debate: whether to book one of those all-inclusive resort deals or do the traditional build-your-own vacation.

Customer-focused executives find themselves in the same quandary. When companies face the challenges of shifting the organization toward customer centricity, they have one big decision to make: Transform their customer experience using a series of partners and solutions or using just one partner with an end-to-end solution.

The below infographic is from Marriott's blog, and the original infographic can be found here.
Is An All-Inclusive Worth It?

Infographic Source. This infographic was created by Lemon.ly for Marriott's blog and this article summarizes some of its contents. The original infographic is here.

To achieve customer experience excellence, executives must either take on all these individual steps with separate partners:

  • Hire a consultant
  • Evaluate the current customer experience
  • Hire a customer data analytics team or implement new analytics software
  • Implement software to measure customer experience and Net Promoter ScoreTM
  • Form an internal customer experience improvement team
  • Redesign customer management processes
  • Rebuild technology infrastructure for better customer experiences
  • Train the organization to deliver higher levels of service
  • Rework sales and marketing strategies to offer proactive services and deepen customer relationships

Or, choose a single partner with a fully integrated customer experience solution.

While the build-your-own customer experience operation can deliver amazing results, there are all-inclusive solutions that may better suit your needs and save you time and money.
Just like fun getaways, customer-centric transformations require evaluation, planning, and a healthy budget. As Marriott’s infographic explains, all-in-one partners can deliver full-meal deals, bottomless beverages, and the biggest tools of the trade with the flexibility to scale to customers’ needs. And, just when you think your customers deserve more, gluttony is on the house.

What the infographic doesn’t mention is that there are three other major advantages of the integrated customer experience solution:
  • Working with one partner creates a seamless operational execution, so there’s fewer handoffs and your strategy is more accurately executed
  • One partner means one integrated technology platform is used to manage data, knowledge, and needs, making teams more collaborative, more coordinated, and more efficient
  • Questions or concerns can be answered with one phone call

At the end of the day, both customer-focused executives and Marriott customers who choose the all-inclusive partner, don’t feel nickel and dimed to death. Instead, they feel financially satisfied that their big journey made them (as well as their families and customers) happy. So, if you want your customer-centric transformation to require fewer hard hats and safety goggles and more board shorts and pina coladas, don’t forget to explore the option of an all-inclusive customer experience management partner.