Santa Serves Up Great Service This Holiday Season

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This season, Santa Claus is everywhere. He’s at local retailers or in the mall, ready to hear kids’ wishes and take photos. He’s dropping off toys and presents to the needy. I’ve even seen him diving in the local aquarium and repelling down the sides of buildings.

Through all of these activities, St. Nick serves as the ultimate brand ambassador for the Christmas season. He personifies the magic of the holiday season, providing joy and happiness to children young and old.

When you think about it, Santa Claus is really just a very famous customer service representative. He is on the front lines, representing the “Christmas” brand directly with the public. He answers the same questions over and over, all with empathy and a happy demeanor as if it’s the first time he’s heard them. And the interactions people have with him influence their perception of the holiday season, good or bad.

We recently caught up with professional Santa “brand ambassador” Ed Taylor to get some insight on how he creates magical experiences, and how his approach can be applied in everyday business all year long. Take a listen to our interview with him in the CX Pod episode below.

And as an extra bonus, Ed was kind enough to put us in touch with the real Santa Claus himself. We asked Santa probing questions about reindeer, his beard, and more. Check out the “Behind the Beard: 5 Minutes with Santa” podcast, and share with your kids!

Happy Holidays!