Near Field Communication Technology: Fast, Fun Customer Interactions

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As companies are looking for ways to make doing business easier and more convenient for consumers, their focus often turns to connecting with customers through their ever-present mobile devices, and a new technology is dramatically accelerating customer interactions to less than 0.2 seconds. In TTEC’s continuing blog series on technologies that are transforming the customer experience, we explore Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

What is NFC? As [x]cube LABS explains in their infographic, NFC is a form of contactless communication between mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Using a radio frequency field, NFC enables users to swipe their phone or device near a transmitter and instantly connect, exchange data, or complete a transaction. NFC technology outpaces Quick Reference (QR) codes (those square-shaped bar codes) because it is capable of commanding devices to do more than open webpages. The programming allows it to perform more sophisticated, multi-step actions.

NFC technology comes in many forms including small stickers, plastic tags, and even interactive posters, but it can also be housed inside ticketing and self-serve machines as well as other devices.

NFC is being considered a breakthrough in creating superior customer interactions, because it makes complex transactions fast and convenient for consumers. NFC is anticipated to redefine the payment industry, but its capabilities seem endless. It’s already opening doors in areas such as:
  • Transport
  • Loyalty and coupons
  • Consumer electronics
  • Healthcare
  • Access control
  • Information collection and exchange

As companies are looking for ways to make life easier for customers, business leaders should consider NFC technology for its unique ability to deliver effortless service directly to the pockets of its customers. According to Forrester Research, an effortless experience is the number-two criteria in determining how customers perceive brands and their value. Forrester Analyst Kerry Bodine discusses in her recent blog how customers’ perceptions are shaped based on three things:
  • Meets needs (basic needs are met and value is provided)
  • Easy (easy to do business with)
  • Enjoyable (enjoyable to do business with)

When companies take into account that today’s digital and mobile customers use these criteria, it becomes clear that companies will need to adopt new technologies such as NFC in order to show their customer base exactly what Bodine describes:
  • They understand how to serve modern customer needs.
  • They are working to simplify service and create frictionless experiences for consumers.
  • They’re making business fun again.

After all, what’s more fun than taking a monotonous task (like buying groceries or downloading data) and turning it into a whole new flick-of-the-wrist experience that saves customers time and makes them say, “Wow! That’s really cool!” If you adopt NCF technology early, it can be a great way to create a memorable customer experience and demonstrate value for today’s digital customers.  

This infographic was created by [x]cube LABS, and this article summarizes some of its contents. The original infographic is here.