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Did you know that content marketing can be traced back to 4200 B.C.? Explore the history of content marketing, and see just how far marketers have come from the days of etching messages onto cave walls. Then, discover three best practices for content marketing in today’s day-and-age.
Love Your Content - History of Content Marketing World
by inboudvisibility.
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For years, organizations have been communicating their stories with the goal of attracting and retaining customers. This infographic by Inboud Visibility outlines the timeline of content marketing by highlighting content milestones throughout history. See how John Deere has been able to grow the circulation of its customer magazine to 1.5 million in 40 countries and in 12 different languages. Then, learn how the first major corporate blog was launched by Microsoft in 2004.

As can be seen in the infographic, the power of story – with the help of technology – has grown exponentially over time. Today, brands are able to communicate their messages to customers across multiple channels, using multiple medians. However, while the changing marketplace offers many opportunities for content marketing, its growing complexity also presents many challenges.

Today, in order to stay ahead of the content marketing game, organizations need to stand out as trusted knowledge brokers for their customers. But, many organizations make the mistake of offering content that is overly technical, self-serving, self-promotional, and irrelevant. A recent post by 1to1 Media  uncovers Donovan Neale-May’s, executive director of the CMO Council’s,  three best practices for content marketing to help organizations resonate with today’s customers:
  • Have a clear focus. Don’t just create content for the sake of creating content. Establish a clear direction for each piece of content your organization produces.
  • Be timely, topical, and assemble all the requisite packaging. Generating insightful content without a well thought out plan of execution can have disappointing results. Display your content in a way that appeals to your audience, and do so in a timely manner.
  • Find out what resonates with your audience. Track how your audience is consuming and sharing your content. Which of your pieces of content create the most buzz with your audience?

These best practices can help your organization generate effective marketing content as technology continues to create new boundaries in the marketplace.

This infographic was created by Inboud Visibility, and this article summarizes some of its contents. The original infographic is here.



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